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New professional services offered by Ubersmith for subscription management

New professional services offered by Ubersmith for subscription management

Subscription management leader – Ubersmith recently announced the launch of a range of professional services to help its customers optimize their use of its software suite with specialized services like custom reporting, training, etc. The company now provides its globally-based customers with complete solutions that are a combination of its software suite packaged with optional services to support specific customer needs.

Our focus with today’s news is helping our customers optimize their use of our software suite that covers all essential business operations. These new professional services have been broadly requested by customers and complement the recently announced managed services offerings that we announced in September,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “We have evolved to deliver complementary services to our software as our customers and prospects are asking for more customization and assistance for their implementations.

The catalogue of professional services offerings includes the following:

  • Delivery of custom reports or creating custom reports that customers can run themselves
  • Data queries and special scripts, as well as importing data from another source
  • Specialized plugins and custom modules
  • Training that ranges from onboarding to assistance and instruction with code-based integration

The cost for professional services is based on skill complexity and projected hours and starts at a minimum of $250 for an hour of basic onboarding training. The company plans on adding additional professional services offerings over time.

The new offerings complement the professional services that Ubersmith partners offer to customers and prospects globally. Ubersmith preferred services partners include Devtech, GlowTouch, ModulesGarden and Wipro.

Contact Ubersmith to learn more about the new services and those available from its partners.

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Ubersmith is a leading subscription business management software company that delivers mission-critical capabilities for billing, device management, support tickets and customer relationship management to cloud, data center, SaaS and other organizations. The open and scalable software suite serves as the central nervous system for its customer operations.

The company enables recurring and usage-based billing, including turnkey billing for cloud services, bandwidth, virtualization, backup, power, support and more. The platform offers more than 100-plus built-in software, hardware and service integrations as well as a plugin system and application programming interface (API) for further customization and integration.

In July, Ubersmith was acquired by Lumine Group, becoming part of its network of communications, media and related software businesses.

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