Ubersmith is acquired by Lumine Group

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Lumine Group, a division of Volaris Group focused in the communications and media vertical, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Ubersmith Inc. Previously, Ubersmith was wholly owned by Internap Holding LLC (INAP) a global provider of performance-driven, full-spectrum data center and cloud solutions. 

Operating as an autonomous business, Ubersmith is a leading subscription business management software company that delivers mission-critical capabilities for billing, device management, support tickets and customer relationship management to cloud, data center, SaaS and other organizations. Ubersmith is Lumine’s 20th acquisition, further establishing Lumine’s position as a “carve-out” specialist and leading global acquirer of communications and media software businesses. 

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City, Ubersmith was originally named CBMS and developed as an in-house billing solution for enterprise cloud and hosting provider Voxel. Recognizing the value of the software that was developed, Voxel formed a separate business unit and commercialized the software for external sales. In 2001, after a merger with TicketSmith, a provider of customer management solutions, Voxel rebranded CBMS to Ubersmith. After 10 years of growth, Voxel and Ubersmith were acquired by INAP. 

“As part of Lumine Group’s global ecosystem, Ubersmith’s open and scalable billing, infrastructure and customer management platform is well-positioned for success,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “We have more than 100 active customers globally that subscribe to our subscription business management software suite as the central nervous system of their operations and now as part of Lumine we see a business acceleration opportunity to expand our position in the cloud, data center, SaaS and related markets.”

“We are excited to welcome this new billing and customer management dimension to Lumine, reinforcing our vision and customers strategy that immense cloud-based communications infrastructure services will require dedicated real-time specialist usage and infrastructure device management,” said Tony Garcia, group leader of monetization at Lumine.

Ubersmith enables recurring and usage-based billing, including turnkey billing for cloud services, bandwidth, virtualization, backup, power, support and more. The platform offers more than 100-plus built-in software, hardware and service integrations as well as a plugin system and application programming interface (API) for further customization and integration.

Alantra LLC served as exclusive financial advisor to INAP in this transaction.

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