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Mr. Prashant, CtrlS tells how Web Hosting Providers can ReInvent themselves at WHD.India 2013

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“Reaching the next level of hosting” started with Mr. Prashant giving a brief introduction of CtrlS data centers, some of the highlights of which go as follows:

  • Operational since 2006 and spread over 2.1 lakh sq.ft space, CtrlS data centers guarantee a 99.995% uptime, provide 8-zone security, 7,000 racks and potential to scale up to 15,000 in the next 2 years.
  • Having a PUE of 1.42, CtrlS has the most efficient data centers in India. CtrlS has done a heavy investment in building energy efficient systems, which is reflected in the fact that if the cost of PUE for any customer goes over 1.7, it is borne by CtrlS. As per Mr. Prashant, every 0.1 unit saved in PUE on a 1 MW system can save over 100 K USD per annum.
  • CtrlS data centers have TIA Tier 4, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, BS 25999 certifications , an average Csat rating of 4.5 (in 2011), 2000+ customers across the globe and scalability > 20,000 racks.

Discussing the “Evolution on Internet,” Mr. Prashant talked about various Internet trends, number one being the change in marketing and branding strategies of Indian hosting community with various large international web hosting providers entering into India. He also discussed how its the future of technology that is one to be focused upon with more and more SMBs adopting the cloud.

“Many web hosting providers are now providing geo-location service and those who don’t are losing customers. Shared servers are replaced by dedicated servers, commoditized retail hosting is moving towards the cloud platform, bandwidth is no longer a criteria, it has become redundant- computing power is,” said Mr. Prashant, explaining how the Indian industry is going through a major transition.

He also mentioned how “Package economy,” i.e providing bundled packages, is dead for web hosting providers. Interestingly, ResellerClub, GoDaddy and Parallels today talked about bundled services being the future.

To combat this problem, he asked companies to move from bundled solutions to customized high-end solutions, which are very specific to the need of a customer.

Prashant Jain Directpr CtrlS at WHD.India 2013

This was followed by a discussion of survival strategies companies need to have in place to stay afloat in the market.

“To survive in the competitive market, companies need to provide quality customer support, focus on WOM marketing, creating local presence and collaborate with partners to expand their service portfolio,” said Mr. Prashant.

They also need to embrace virtualization, cloud hosting, local hosting, sell future ready solutions like those enabled with IPv6, adapt BOYD and manage their online presence in this very social world, he added.

Wrapping up, Mr. Prashant mentioned ten ways companies can have CtrlS help them with the above mentioned strategies:

  • Let CtrlS build virtual datacenter
  • Start a white labelled cloud without any investment.
  • Virtualization in a box-solution.
  • Host locally in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and US.
  • Get free IPV6 and mobile friendly application hosting.
  • Start IAAS, SAAS, PAAS business models
  • Sell high availability solution with presales support.
  • Locking your leads for collaborative sales.
  • Consolidate your US servers and save tax hassles and pay less.
  • Dedicated Account and program managers.

CtrlS’ Tier IV data center are 2 of the world’s 26 Tier IV DC’s and include services like E-mail Solutions, Managed Services, Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Hosting, DR on Demand, DR on Planning and Cloud Computing. For more information, click here.

And thats all for today, folks. There are multiple sessions lined up tomorrow beginning at 10:20 AM.

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