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Mr. David Dzienciol Shares Parallels Vision for the Indian SMB industry at WHD.India 2013

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“An economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals—the organisms of the business world. The economic community produces goods and services of value to customers, who are themselves members of the ecosystem. The member organisms also include suppliers, lead producers, competitors, and other stakeholders.”

That’s how Mr. David Dzienciol, Regional Vice President and General Manager (Asia Pacific), Parallels started his speaking session at WHD.India 2013 – by citing definition of “Business Ecosystem” from Wikipedia. Business Ecosystem was one of the three main pillars of the session; the other two being Expertise and Software.

The session titled “Innovative solutions delivering growth for your business” saw Mr. David informing industry members of the latest trends in the SMB industry and the marketing strategies that should be implemented to tap them. He provided insights into how more and more SMBs are now realizing the value of the Cloud and adopting it at a very rapid pace; with a major percentage of them even ready to pay more for high availability servers and unlimited storage.

David Dzienciol RVP and GM, Asia Pacific Parallels at WHDIndia 2013

“Service providers need to keep four critical points in mind while selling their services:

  • Relevant offering,
  • Ability to promote,
  • Ability to sell,
  • Ability to activate and retain,”

-said Mr. David. Also, concurring with Mr. Shridhar Luthria, GM, ResellerClub, he emphasized on the importance of providing bundled services.

Mr. David talked about how Parallels has designed and augmented its products according to the demands of the SMBs so that its customers and partners can grow their business selling nothing but what exactly the market demands for.

“Parallels makes it easier for service providers to grow and profit from the SMB Cloud with Service delivery softwares, expertise, and our Partner Ecosystem,” he said.

An integrated software suite by Parallels delivers a broad range of products like Parallels control panel solutions, web hosting and cloud services delivery systems and Infrastructure virtualization solutions.

Mr. David mentioned how Parallels control panel solution, called “Parallels Plesk Panel”, which will have V 11.5 released soon, lets web hosting providers, web designers cut time spent on top 10 common tasks by 50% and has features like Business Mail, IaaS, Partner Central, Streamlined App provisioning etc.

Having the same easy-to-use interface of Parallels Plesk Panel, the relatively new Parallels Plesk Automation helps shared web hosting providers manage and scale multiple servers with a single panel in a secured way while also cutting down costs.

Parallels Plesk Panel Suite comes with various add-ons like Parallels Web Presence Builder, Parallels Domain/SSL Reseller Program and some additional Value-added Services for web hosting providers.

Mr. David also talked in great length about Parallels Vitualization solutions and how they’re more beneficial than the traditional Hypervisor solutions.

aps-2-0-service-bus_47124412cbHard pressing the fact that most SMBs adopt cloud services only if they find them easily manageable, Mr. David explained how Parallels’ APS 2.0, tailored to meet everyone’s needs, helps ISVs package and integrate their applications to the resources of other SaaS services, thereby opening a broad market for them, and then lets Service Providers customize their offers as per SMBs’ demand by providing them with various solutions for cloud services.

The “easily manageable” part of the service is reflected in the new APS 2.0 Service Bus that lets new and existing APS services to be associated and integrated together, thereby enabling SMBs to easily find useful new services and add them to their previous subscriptions.

All the above services bundled up together build the Parallels Ecosystem with 400+ applications, which, as Mr. David put it, has resulted in an 80% growth in the services being sold.

Parallels has a session tomorrow as well, which will have John Zanni, VP – Marketing and Alliances, Parallels talk about latest versions of the existing products and some new ones.

The next session lined up is “Doing well by doing good. Family freedom as a service” by Sascha Beyer, CEO, GateSecure at 5:50 PM.

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