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Shridhar Luthria, ResellerClub Shares Strategies to Empower Web Hosting at WHD.India 2013

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Shridhar Luthria, General Manager and Business Head, ResellerClub today talked about how web hosting providers can generate greater revenues by adding more value to their existing products, innovating new ones, reaching out to their target market effectively and tapping into the unexplored opportunities that lie ahead.

Titled “Adding more revenue to your hosting business,” the session at ongoing WHD.India 2013 saw Mr. Shridhar first highlighting a steep growth in the Internet Market in India and sharing different ideas and avenues that can be of utility to web hosting providers (some of which were an improvement on existing trends and some genuinely innovative and fresh), and then explaining how ResellerClub can help them execute the same.

Sharing statistics of a research which showed that most of the SMBs in India look for a “OneStopShop” for all their web needs, he emphasized the importance and benefits of generating more ARPU rather than a meaningless growth in customer base, targeting specific vertical markets, payment gateways used and excellent customer support.

Shridhar Luthria, Reseller Club at WorldHosting Days India 2013

Mr. Shridhar talked about how various marketing strategies like phone campaigns, search engine marketing, affiliate programs, SEO, and direct sales, if done right, can immensely contribute to growth of a hosting provider’s business. Also highlighted was ResellerClub’s Power Partner Program. If a ‘Power partner’ has an idea that he thinks can generate good revenue, but needs heavy investment, it can expect to have ResellerClub fund 50% of the amount needed and be provided with marketing tools, customer leads etc. as well, given that ResellerClub finds the idea good enough.

Providing insights on how various factors like a well-designed user friendly website, good customer support, WoM marketing can be total game changers, Mr. Shridhar also advised his resellers to use ResellerClub’s:

  • Outsourced Customer support.
  • Global payment option – Pay.PW to ensure secure online transactions.

By multiplying its product range and expanding its global foot-print at a rapid pace, ResellerClub is ticking all the right boxes to get the international recognition. The quality of products it delivers and the price at which it delivers puts it in the austere company of industry’s global leaders. That said, whether or not it becomes the LARGEST web services provider on the planet” as Mr. Bhavin, CEO puts on the website, remains to be seen in the coming years.

The next session lined up is “Innovating with the domain name system: New opportunities enabled by trusted key distribution” by Dr. Burt Kaliski Jr, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Verisign at 2:15 PM IST.

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