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Anturis to Provide Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring For ReadySpace’s Business Customers

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Anturis Inc. today announced that its cloud-based monitoring & troubleshooting solution has been selected by ReadySpace, a cloud and managed hosting services provider to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring solutions for its business customers. ReadySpace will now offer Anturis’ solutions as an integrated addition to its Managed Service packages.

Anturis came to market early this year in beta phase and recently emerged from beta with the launch of its commercial product availability.

In an interview with DailyHostNews today, Sergey Nevstruev, CEO, Anturis, said:

ReadySpace selected Anturis for its IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting needs because of two key reasons:

  • infrastructure model representation (i.e. users work with real-life entities like a database or a web-server, rather than with separate metrics) – which makes Anturis best suited to the needs of server monitoring.
  • integration with Parallels Automation platform via APS – which let Anturis have rather deep integration (including billing and customer portal) very quickly.
Anturis is the perfect addition to our suite, and will be utilized as the primary tool set of our technical team for monitoring and troubleshooting our customers’ various IT services.
– David Loke, CEO, ReadySpace.

David Loke, CEO, ReadySpace.

David Loke, CEO, ReadySpace.

ReadySpace will deploy Anturis to support its over 5,000 business customers, primarily in the Asia Pacific region, and especially in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Offered in ReadySpace’s Managed Service platform, the new Anturis IT monitoring solution delivers:

  • Website Monitoring: Monitoring the uptime and performance of websites. It checks for DNS, SSL, HTTP, network and application-level problems.
  • Server Monitoring: Keeps an eye on servers’ resources utilization and software performance (CPU, memory, swap, disk, OS processes, log files and more).
  • Web App Monitoring: Uses synthetic transactions to ensure visitors can successfully sign up, search, check out, log in and otherwise interact with your website.
  • MYSQL Monitoring: Watches over key database performance metrics, such as slow query rate, connection usage, Innodb buffer pool usage, and more.
  • Network Monitoring: Keeps watch over LAN and WAN connectivity and network devices using ICMP ping, SNMP and TCP checks and other network protocols.

The commercially launched version of Anturis comes with several new features and enhancements, including numerous GUI and usability enhancements, such as improved wizards. It also includes extended diagnostic data for faster troubleshooting, such as presenting the list of top five CPU-consuming processes at the time of CPU overload.

“As an international leader of cloud and managed hosting services, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our Managed Services,” said David Loke, CEO, ReadySpace.

“Anturis is the perfect addition to our suite, and will be utilized as the primary tool set of our technical team for monitoring and troubleshooting our customers’ various IT services.”

DailyHostNews used Anturis earlier this year to monitor its own IT Infrastructure and found it an extremely feature rich, affordable, compressive and promising product.

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