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Anturis Emerges From Beta with Commercial Launch of IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

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Anturis Inc., a vanguard IT solutions company, today unveiled the commercial launch and availability of its new cloud-based monitoring and troubleshooting solution for web services and IT infrastructure.

Dedicated to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) that generally do not have access to, or budgets for, a dedicated IT department, the new Anturis commercial service delivers enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting in a simple, easy-to-setup and use browser-based cloud solution.

Built upon its beta solution unveiled earlier this year, Anturis’ commercial IT monitoring platform includes many new features and enhancements.

In an interview with Daily Host News a few months back, Sergey Nevstruev, CEO, Anturis, did mention plans to launch the commercial solution soon.

One of the major upgrades is a simplified website monitoring setup. This means the system automatically selects multiple monitoring locations (out of its worldwide network of public monitoring agents) to maximize monitoring efficiency and minimize the number of connection-related issues and false positives.

Additional Anturis updates include numerous GUI and usability enhancements, such as improved wizards. It also includes extended diagnostic data for faster troubleshooting, such as presenting the list of top five CPU-consuming processes at the time of CPU overload.

The Anturis IT monitoring solution provides the ability for:

  • Website Monitoring: Monitoring the uptime and performance of websites. It checks for DNS, SSL, HTTP, network and application-level problems.
  • Server Monitoring: Keeps an eye on servers’ resources utilization and software performance (CPU, memory, swap, disk, OS processes, log files and more).
  • Web App Monitoring: Uses synthetic transactions to ensure visitors can successfully sign up, search, check out, log in and otherwise interact with your website.
  • MYSQL Monitoring: Watches over key database performance metrics, such as slow query rate, connection usage, Innodb buffer pool usage, and more.
  • Network Monitoring: Keeps watch over LAN and WAN connectivity and network devices using ICMP ping, SNMP and TCP checks and other network protocols.

The Anturis IT monitoring solution comes in four packages/options that are aimed to fit any size of customer IT infrastructure, including:

  • Lifetime Free: A limited package with five monitors that can be created (ability to monitor up to five URLs or local resources of a single server) and offers unlimited email alerts each month. Cost: $0
  • Small: Includes 10 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 10 SMS and voice alerts per month. Cost: $7.50 per month (annual price).
  • Medium: 40 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 40 SMS and voice alerts. Cost: $32.50 per month (annual price).
  • Large: For more complex IT needs, offers 100 monitors, unlimited email alerts and unlimited SMS and voice alerts. Cost: $82.50 per month (annual price).

Anturis IT monitoring solution

“Early this year, we delivered an innovative beta product to meet the IT monitoring needs of SMBs. We spent the past several months collecting key information and feedback from our users,” said Sergey Nevstruev, CEO, Anturis.

“The feedback validated our initial research and our beta offering. Our users want the ability to invest minimum effort and cost to achieve maximum control over their IT infrastructure. This is extremely important for SMBs, where IT is now playing an ever increasing role in overall company success. SMBs typically utilize similar IT technologies and we were able to collect key data about these systems and technologies and build a product that does not require users to be skilled IT experts – and they loved it,” he added.

Anturis is currently offering a “30-Day Free Trial” for all premium plans. For more information, click here.

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