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Windows File Manager now available for download on Microsoft Store

Windows File Manager now available for download on Microsoft Store

Microsoft is releasing its Windows File Manager (WinFile) as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in Microsoft Store. This will make the file manager available for download for all the devices that run Windows 10.

Released several years ago along Windows 3.0 OS, the WinFile is a file manager for Windows that allows users to manage files and folders (opening, copying, cutting, renaming and deleting), and work with archives in multiple formats including .rar, .7z, .zip, and .tar. It also features videos and photos, and ability to edit documents in .txt and .rtf formats.

The Windows File Manager has now reborn and can be used for HoloLens, PCs, mobiles devices and hubs that run Windows 10 operating system. In April 2018, Microsoft had made the Windows File Manager available for all the new versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

There are a lot of differences between the Windows 3 and Windows 10. The main difference is that the Windows 3.0 was a 16-bit operating system, whereas, Windows 10 is 64-bit OS. The tech giant had to revamp the WinFile to make it available for later versions of Windows and convert it to a Visual Studio service.

And now it has come to the Microsoft Store as a UWP app.

Microsoft is maintaining the WinFile project on GitHub at According to the GitHub page, “The Windows File Manager lives again and runs as a native x86 and x64 desktop app on all currently supported version of Windows, including Windows 10.”

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Windows users can get signed in to their Microsoft account and install the Windows File Manager on up to 10 devices.

One of the primary reasons for making WinFile available easily for download via Microsoft Store is to encourage users to shift to Windows 10 as the company has already announced end of support for Windows 7.

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