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Web Hosting UK Launches Enhanced Network Monitoring and Alerting service

Web Hosting UK Launches Enhanced Network Monitoring and Alerting service

Web Hosting UK  today launched its Network Monitoring and Alerting Service which will enable website owners to  monitor and receive instant alerts on unresponsive web services or server ports along with memory and CPU usage.

The news comes a month after the company introduced three new high configuration dedicated servers with SSD and SAS disk technologies.

WHUK  has had a  proactive internal monitoring set-up it has place already.

The new service allows users  to choose the time period between two checks based on user preference. Users can choose various monitoring intervals from 30 mins (Free) to 1 min.

Based on the selected interval, the system checks for  selected monitoring parameters and maintains a log for server engineers to analyse.

The system is linked with an alerting mechanism that sends emails  to the WHUK Server Monitoring Team and the client instantly after it encounters any flaws over the server and / or services on a particular server which is set for monitoring.

Some key features and benefits of the new service are:

  •     Website and Server Monitoring (Multiple ports).
  •     RAM Utilisation.
  •     CPU Load and uptime.
  •     Down to 1 min. interval.
  •     Email notification.
  •     Free Technical Support 24/7/365.

Existing WHUK customers with  dedicated servers can access the service from their server control panels. For more information, click here.

Earlier this year, WHUK partnered with dotMobi to offer WHUK goMobi Mobile Site Builder.

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