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Webhosting UK Com Launches Three New Dedicated Servers with SSD and SAS Disk Technologies

A month after announcing its partnership with dotMobi to offer WHUK goMobi Mobile Site Builder, Webhosting UK Com Ltd today enhanced it’s server range by introducing three new high configuration dedicated servers with SSD and SAS disk technologies.

Ideal for enterprises and large business organizations, the new servers ensure faster launch time and performance.

Named Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core E5-2630, Dual Octa Core E5-2650L and E5-2680, the new servers are housed at WHUK’s Tier IV datacenter facility near London.

Some salient features of the new servers are:

  • Powerful Intel processors backed by strong storage mediums and RAID configurations to deliver powerful and energy-efficient performance with great computing efficiency.
  • SSD/SAS disks to ensure faster read/write times.
  • Each server is connected to a 100 Mbps port to ensure 100% network uptime.

Following are the specifications of the three servers:-

WHUK New SSD & SAS Dedicated Servers

Earlier this year, WHUK also launched its new Channel Partner Program.

For more information on WHUK’s dedicated servers, click here.

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