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Web Hosting Billing Solution WHMCS Announces Release of WHMCS V5.2

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The Client Management, Billing & Support Solution for Web Hosts, WHMCS, has announced the release of WHMCS Version 5.2. The updates contains many exciting new features and improvements, as well as some Important Security Updates. A few months back, WHMCS experienced network issues with its website and ticket system and the recent updates are likely to solve them.

A blog post by the company says that one of the major highlights of V5.2 is the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication. In past several companies’ve adopted the two factor authentication for security purposes. Two-factor authentication is an approach to authentication which requires the presentation of two or more authentication factors: a knowledge factor (something the user knows), a possession factor (something the user has), and an inherence factor (something the user is). For example, when you visit a local automated teller machine (ATM), one authentication factor is the physical ATM card that you insert into the machine (something the user has). The second factor is the PIN you enter through the keypad (something the user knows). This scenario illustrates the basic concept of most two-factor authentication systems: the combination of a knowledge factor and a possession factor.

Existing WHMCS users can download the upgrade from the licenses section of WHMCS’ client area. All monthly leased users have access to new updates, owned users l need to ensure that they have a current support & updates package. If the said support and updates access period has expired, then there is an option to renew from the services menu which will gives immediate access to the new release.

Those who’ve been provided license via their web host need to obtain the update directly from them – if not available yet, they will add it to their available downloads area in due course.

A detailed list of changes can be found here. The update is available to download from the WHMCS client area, while instructions on how to upgrade can be downloaded here. WHMCS is also offering a professional upgrade service where they’ll handle the entire update process. For more details or to order, click here.

Click here to download the documentation highlighting the features of WHMCS V5.2 in detail.

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