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Edgewebhosting Partners with Duo Security to Secure Remote Access

Edgewebhosting Partners with Duo Security to Secure Remote Access

Edgewebhosting Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical managed hosting services, announced it’s partnership with Duo Security on Wednesday to provide two-factor authentication service.  This authentication service provides highly secure and remote access to Edge’s managed hosting solutions.

Two-factor authentication is an approach to authentication which requires the presentation of two or more authentication factors: a knowledge factor (something the user knows), a possession factor (something the user has), and an inherence factor (something the user is).  For example, when you visit a local automated teller machine (ATM), one authentication factor is the physical ATM card that you  insert into the machine (something the user has). The second factor is the PIN you enter through the keypad (something the user knows).  This scenario illustrates the basic concept of most two-factor authentication systems: the combination of a knowledge factor and a possession factor.

Vlad Friedman, CEO of Edgewebhosting Inc, said, “In today’s ever changing threat landscape, security continues to be one of the primary considerations for every managed hosting environment we implement for our mission critical customers. As attackers have extended their attack vectors beyond the servers to include client machines, dual factor identity management is critical tool to ensure the intended individuals are gaining access to sensitive data.  In partnering with Duo, we found a solution that was both effective and easy to use.

This upgraded security isn’t the only reason behind the partnership. Duo security also provides enhanced ease of access to clients. It integrates seamlessly with customers Cisco VPN solutions and  users’ mobile phone. The Duo Mobile smartphone application lets users generate passcodes without age-old hassles of software and hardware tokens. iPhone and Android users can use Duo Push which ‘pushes’ login details into the phone, allowing for immediate, single-click  approvals.  However, having smart phones isn’t a pre-requisite . Users with older devices can get passcodes via text message or Duo can also place a telephone call allowing the users to just press a button on their keypad to authenticate.

“Duo is proud to partner with Edge to help protect its customers and, in turn, their customers and employees with strong, usable, and affordable two-factor authentication. Our goal is to make two-factor authentication ubiquitous and available to businesses of all sizes and Edge is leading the way by making two-factor authentication an integrated part of their service to their customers.” said Dug Song, Co-Founder & CEO of Duo Security.

Two-factor authentication is not a new concept and has been used throughout history.  Very recently, DropBox,  a file sharing service, also employed two-factor authentication as  a security feature after it faced a security breach.  So how its implementation in the hosting industry unfolds will be very interesting to watch.

About Edge Web Hosting
An innovative provider specializing managed hosting solutions, Edge Web Hosting delivers customers 100% uptime with a staff dedicated to 24/7 monitoring. Among the company’s services are cloud, dedicated and cluster hosting, collocation and more. Edge Web Hosting exceeds customer expectations by providing no surprise pricing, ensuring that monthly bills stay free of unexpected charges. Hosting from the company is compliant with industry standards in the areas of PCI, SSAE 16, SAS70, HIPAA and FISMA. For more information, visit  Edge Web Hosting.

About Duo Security
Duo Security makes two-factor authentication radically easy to deploy, use, and manage. Duo empowers any web, IT, or network administrator to easily protect accounts by leveraging their users’ mobile phones for secondary authentication. Every day, over 500 organizations with users in over 80 countries rely on Duo to secure their logins and transactions. For more information, visit  Duosecurity.

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