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Web Host SingleHop Launches Automated Security Service for Dedicated Cloud Servers

Web Host SingleHop Launches Automated Security Service for Dedicated Cloud Servers

Web host SingleHop announced on Monday that it has launched a new automated security service for the deployment and management of advanced security features in dedicated and cloud hosting environments.The new service will eliminate the need for clients to manually identify, purchase, integrate and configure third-party solutions.

SingleHop has developed its services around its proprietary automation platform, so the integration of Security Accelerator is the next step in building out its platform.

The Security Accelerator Daemon is a lightweight software security component installed on the customers’ server, and can be installed within minutes of purchasing by the System Administration team.  After installation, system monitors servers  and all of the software installed every 24 hours and reports detected vulnerabilities in real-time  before they are exploited.

For a second layer of protection, the Security Accelerator system supports two-factor authentication in the form of an SMS text message sent with the second “key” required to gain access to a system. Very recently,  EdgeWebHosting also deployed two-factor authentication via partnerships with Duo-Security.

“Security Accelerator provides the security tools that every system administrator knows are needed, but few organizations properly deploy and maintain on their own,” Andy Pace, Chief operating officer, SingleHop said in a statement. “We created Security Accelerator because many of our customers were concerned about security but also intimidated by the complex compliance and regulatory requirements that they needed to meet, such as PCI or HIPAA standards.”

About SingleHop:
Founded in 2006,  SingleHop is a leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing. SingleHop also pioneered the global IaaS movement by enabling SMBs and service providers in the design, deployment and management of a wide range of IT solutions. For more information, please visit: .

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