New WatchGuard MDR Service for MSPs empowers rapid cybersecurity delivery

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MDR service for MSPs

In a bid to meet the escalating demand for managed cybersecurity services, WatchGuard Technologies has introduced the WatchGuard MDR, a cutting-edge 24/7 cybersecurity service specifically designed to facilitate Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This novel offering is operated by a proficient team of cybersecurity specialists and driven by advanced AI technology.

Highly customizable and scalable, the WatchGuard MDR service fortifies the core of WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform architecture. It provides advanced capabilities for detecting and responding to threats, working seamlessly with WatchGuard EDR, EPDR, and Advanced EPDR, empowering MSPs to construct comprehensive and resilient security solutions for their clients.

Additionally, this is complemented by WatchGuard’s automated Zero-Trust Application Service, Threat Hunting Service, cutting-edge security analytics, threat intelligence, and a dedicated team of skilled cybersecurity analysts, all prepared to continuously monitor, identify, and combat threats 24/7.

Features and benefits of WatchGuard MDR Service for MSPs

WatchGuard MDR Service represents the optimal choice for service providers seeking to enhance their clients’ security stance, diversify their service offerings, and establish recurrent revenue streams without the need for substantial investments in modern Security Operations Centers (SOCs), expensive AI-driven technologies, and the limited availability of cybersecurity experts.

Its key features are:

  • 24/7 Endpoint Activity Monitoring and Data Collection: This function provides real-time and retrospective monitoring using event data captured by WatchGuard EPDR or Advanced EPDR within WatchGuard’s modern SOC.
  • 24/7 Proactive Hunting and Detection: This involves drastically reducing the time required to spot and mitigate threats by using AI, machine learning, and other advanced methodologies to pinpoint indicators of potential attacks, while WatchGuard’s MDR threat hunters proactively seek out lurking threats within endpoints.
  • 24/7 Investigation and Validation: Minimize the impact of potential threats by leveraging WatchGuard experts for swift and accurate incident investigation and validation, determining their nature and severity.
  • Immediate Incident Notification: Ensure prompt notifications with essential insights, such as details on affected machines and tactics employed when a verified incident occurs, enabling MSPs to take immediate action.
  • Options for Mitigation and Remediation Guidance: MSPs get the flexibility to choose the strategy that best aligns with their business model. They can rely on their own team with guidance from WatchGuard experts on how to contain and eradicate traces of an attack, restore data, patch vulnerabilities, and implement additional controls.
  • Weekly Security Health Status Report and Monthly Activity Reporting: Build trust with customers through routine reports on their security status, which service providers can personalize to better engage clients with their MDR service and garner valuable feedback throughout the process.

WatchGuard MDR empowers service providers, allowing them to enhance their cybersecurity service offerings, bolster their clients’ security, and cultivate steady revenue streams.

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