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ViUX Systems Deploys Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 on Dell PowerEdge Cloud (6220) Servers

ViUX Systems now deploys Parallels Cloud Server 6.0 for it’s managed cloud services and cloud storage on new Dell PowerEdge C6220 Servers. In an interview with DailyHostNews earlier this year, Mr. Jonathan Smith, President, ViUX, did say that “Most of the services that we launch this year will in some way be based upon a Parallels software product.”

ViUX Systems’ beta deployment of Parallels Cloud Server in February this year made use of Dell PE C6105 Servers with AMD Processors; 96GB of Memory; & SATA Drives. The live production deployment will use new Dell PE C6220 Servers with:

  • Intel E5-2630 Processors
  • 128GB of Memory
  • 5 x 900GB 10K SAS Drives
  • 1 x 100GB SSD

– per each of 12 nodes within the initial deployment. To view complete configuration and deployment details, click here.

Cloud Hosting Infrastructure deployed by ViUX using Parallels Cloud Server offers a wide range of Web Hosting and Managed Cloud Services like Shared Cloud Hosting; Private Cloud Servers and Dynamic Dedicated Servers.

With Parallels Cloud Server, ViUX can now provision both VPS Containers and Hypervisors on the same physical servers. This enhanced flexibility means that ViUX can take advantage of the scalability and streamlined management of Operating System Virtualization (Containers); while creating Virtual Machines with the use of Hardware Virtualization (Hypervisors), all of which are deployed on top of Parallels Cloud Storage and controlled by Parallels Business Automation, the hosting automation and billing system from Parallels used by ViUX since 2006.

As per the official press release, Parallels Cloud Storage will help ViUX deliver cloud storage at relatively low prices by combining and pooling the disk space on ViUX servers into a single large storage cluster.

Parallels Cloud Storage also eliminates the physical server as a potential single point of failure, when used to deploy Virtual Servers.

Earlier this year ViUX Systems and Infratel partenered to Offer MightyCall Receptionist Virtual Phone Service.

To read full interview of Mr. Jonathan Smith, President, ViUX with DailyHostNews, please click here.

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