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ViUX Systems and Infratel Partner to Offer MightyCall Receptionist Virtual Phone Service

ViUX Systems and Infratel Partner to Offer MightyCall Receptionist Virtual Phone Service

ViUX, a Software as a Service provider today announced  it’s partnership with Infratel. With this partnership, ViUX aims to  provide  its hosting customers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs a way to refine  their business phone presence and project a more professional image. The news comes two months after ViUX Systems announced deployment of Parallels Cloud Server for high-availability Managed Cloud Hosting on new Dell PowerEdge C-Series servers.

MightyCall is fully integrated into the website and the ViUX Hosting automation and billing system. This will ensure that n ew orders for MightyCall Receptionist are provisioned automatically in minutes; thereby giving customers an ability to manage everything from either or directly from within their ViUX Control Panel.

MightyCall Receptionist

  • answers and tracks every inbound call.
  • guides callers through a personalized greeting and menu of choices.
  • smartly routes calls to existing phones when and where needed.
  • helps to capture more business from websites with direct on-page calling via MightyCall ClickConnect.
  •  eliminates the need for new phones or equipment.

The MightyCall Receptionist service from ViUX will establish a virtual phone presence that includes a dedicated business phone number, extensions for each team member, web-based voicemail, and smart call routing features. This will ensure that the  team members stay connected and inbound calls get to where they need to go – including: mobile, home, or VoiP phone lines.

Interested customers can signup with ViUX to  get a local business phone number synced to their existing mobile device; or request a toll-free number; get a vanity number; or port over an existing business number.

Click here to read an interview we did a while back with Mr. Jonathan Smith, President, ViUX Systems.

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