Visual Studio IntelliCode can analyze C# code and share learning across team

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Visual Studio IntelliCode

Microsoft Visual Studio IntelliCode enables AI-assisted development and helps developers write code from their most used libraries. This saves time and efforts because they don’t need to search and scroll through a long list of sorted methods and properties. IntelliCode provides suggestions on the relevant ones on the basis of the coding context they type.

The service helps developers to code with confidence, find issues faster, and accelerate development lifecycle. While most of the developers know what IntelliCode can do for them, there is a functionality for C# coding that can analyze the code and share the experience across the team members.

This will not only benefit the developer who is currently coding, but also the entire team. All the members will learn from recommendations and find it easy to collaborate.

“Depending on your codebase, analyzing your code and sharing the resulting model could be done in a matter of minutes and save your team hours of hunting through lists and documentation diving,” wrote Mark Wilson-Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio IntelliCode, in a blog post.

To create and use a model, the developers need to follow a number of steps.

  1. Install IntelliCode extension for Visual Studio.
  2. Create a custom model for a codebase that includes examples of usage of desired class libraries.
  3. Share it with colleagues so that they start using the recommendations.

When an update is made to the model, the entire team will automatically get the latest updates.

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“If you’re a contributing author of an open source component, it’s simple for you to share a model that helps your users leverage your libraries more easily. Don’t forget to share the model somewhere that users who are getting started will find it. We suggest linking to it from the README in your repo,” explained Mark.

Microsoft also mentioned that it doesn’t save the raw source code to its servers, taking care of privacy and security of developers and their code.

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