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First preview of Visual Studio 2019 now up for grabs

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At the Microsoft Connect(); 2018 conference, the tech giant has announced the availability of first preview of Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft is focusing on making the Visual Studio faster to open, work with projects stored in git repositories, integrating Live Share for improved collaboration between teammates, and powering IntelliSense with artificial intelligence (AI).

When users launch Visual Studio 2019, they’ll see a new start window. Microsoft has changed this experience to make the platform work better with Git repositories, whether they’re local repos or online Git repos on GitHub, Azure repos, or elsewhere.

Last month, the company had released the expected changes in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of Visual Studio 2019. To recap, Microsoft is updating the preview icons and splash screen, changing the theme, and helping developers code faster.

There will be new search experience with the next major release of Visual Studio, replacing the existing ‘Quick Launch’ box. Users will be able to search for settings, commands and install options. Microsoft mentioned that the new search experience is also smarter, allowing users to find what they are looking for even when they misspell.

Visual Studio 2019 will also feature new refactoring capabilities, like changing for-loops to LINQ queries and converting tuples to named-structs. Users will also be able to easily identify and fix warnings and suggestions using the new document health indicator and code clean-up functionality.

Coming to the common debugging tasks, Microsoft has added search capabilities to the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows, to help users track down objects and values. In the future preview of Visual Studio, the tech giant will also include new Time Travel Debugging for managed code feature, updates to the Snapshoft Debugger, and Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS).

For improved collaboration within the team, Visual Studio IntelliCode has been improved with context-aware and AI-powered IntelliSense. It will allow users to train it on their own code repos and share the results with teammates.

Lastly, Visual Studio 2019 first preview will also come with a brand-new pull request experience. It will enable users to review, run, and debug pull request from the team without leaving the IDE.

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Microsoft will be adding new capabilities, improving performance, and refining the user experience with each preview of Visual Studio 2019.

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