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‘Sapiens’ author Yuval Noah Harari confirmed as CloudFest 2022 keynote speaker (March 24)

‘Sapiens’ author Yuval Noah Harari confirmed as CloudFest 2022 keynote speaker (March 24)

CloudFest is proud to present one of the most influential thinkers in history as our keynote speaker. Professor, historian and bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari will be speaking about his life’s work on stage at Cloud Fest!

The author has sold over 35 million copies worldwide with books like “Sapiens,” ‘Homo Deus’, 21 Lessons For The 21st Century’ and is recognized as one of the most influential thinkers on the world stage.

At CloudFest 2022, Yuval Noah Harari will be taking attendees through a masterclass on how the use of technology can help the human race flourish.

The invention of writing was the least sexy task ever, and yet we have found far more interesting things to do with it. From Maya Angelou’s books about her life story as well as William Shakespeare’s famous plays that are still performed today; all throughout Bach Composed Music which will be an integral part in understanding how technology may impact human history tomorrow- Harari is here for you!

CloudFest is the world’s #1 internet infrastructure and cloud service provider industry event, gathering top decision-makers in its space. The agenda for this year’s conference includes three core topics: intelligent edges; sustainable clouds (i.e., how we can use these technologies more environmentally wisely); our new digital realities- all of which are sure to leave you wanting nothing but pure oxygen! You’ll find out about exciting panels such as “How does artificial intelligence impact my business?,” or “Are there risks involved with 5G?” There will also be performances by artists like Lorde who has been collaborating recently on some songs created specifically

So, block your calendars for CloudFest happening on March 22-24 at Europa-Park.

CloudFest is Where the Future of the Cloud is Built

The pandemic laid bare the weak points in our structures, systems, and even thought patterns when it comes to how we see ourselves as part of the wider world. What should change, and what do the early stages of those changes even look like—for your company, your customers, your community, and the planet itself?

When you join us March 22-24 at CloudFest 2022, you will meet an engaged, friendly community as we rise to meet this exciting, daunting, and pivotal moment in our collective evolution. You’re ready for this!

DHN is proud to be the media partner of this prestigious event. Use this special registration code to get a free standard pass to CloudFest 2022.

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