CloudFest 2022 confirmed for March 22-24

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CloudFest 2022

It’s official: CloudFest 2022 has the green light! The world’s top cloud computing event returns as a face-to-face event: the key decision-makers and innovators of the internet infrastructure industry will gather in-person to take over Europa-Park.

Over the last few weeks, the CloudFest team has been in extensive dialogue with the Europa-Park venue, local authorities, and the responsible federal state government of Baden-Württemberg. We have now received final confirmation that CloudFest 2022 can take place as planned from March 22-24.

The current expectation is that all trade shows will be allowed by the time CloudFest takes place as more and more restrictions continue to be lifted. In most parts of Germany, trade shows are already allowed and taking place. If for any foreseeable reason the general restrictions should not be lifted, we have received confirmation that CloudFest will be granted a special exemption permit and can take place as planned.

What clinched it for us was our comprehensive COVID mitigation measures, with which we’re creating a safe zone for our attendees, partners, and staff. Our CloudFest Covid Plan page has up-to-date information on vaccine, testing, and mask requirements for entering Germany and traveling to Europa-Park up until the event begins. We’ve made the often-confusing rules easy to understand!

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Help Shape the Future of the Internet at CloudFest

Once at Europa-Park, you’ll find The CloudFest 2022 agenda features three core themes that will define the future of our interconnected world—a future that CloudFest attendees help to create:

The Intelligent Edge focuses on bringing computing closer to those demanding it: now everything can be everywhere. The essence of Edge computing is simple: your database still lives in one place, but your assets are cached strategically around the globe. Along with ramped-up rollouts of 5G, the expanding Edge presents a historic opportunity to reach more customers with higher-quality offerings than ever before—and it’s important to wrap your head around the possibilities right away.

Building The Sustainable Cloud is not just one part of the triple bottom line of People, Prosperity, and Planet—it affects all three. The Cloud has grown tenfold in the last ten years—yet the industry has so far avoided scaling its energy consumption in the same direction. However, as the world digitizes even further, the continued growth of the Cloud could buck this trend. We’ve reached the inflection point when the Cloud’s growth is bottlenecking over its energy usage. By greening their Cloud operations, internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, and everyone in between unlocks opportunities for increased profitability, and the smart players are not delaying here—become part of the solution!

Our third theme is Our New Digital World, which ties in nicely with today’s announcement as we step into the future together. The global pandemic has thrown a rather large monkey wrench in the forecasting machine that has served the cloud computing industry fairly well up until now. Industry leaders—and indeed anyone who expects to thrive in the Cloud—must find new ways to predict the future, and new metrics to use. This will require the combined insights, experience, and creativity of the business leaders and innovators that make up the CloudFest community. At CloudFest 2022, we’ll build a more definitive view of our new shared environment based on case studies, data analysis, customer conversations, media trends, and shared experiences in weathering the hectic years of 2020 and 2021.

We’ll be revealing more and more of our agenda in the days and weeks ahead, but so far we can share that our roster of all-star speakers and panelists includes:

  • Yuval Noah Harari, Bestselling Author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
  • Airbus project manager Till Eisenberg, who brought CIMON, the first AI in space, to life. Robots in space? Now that’s the Edge!
  • Wolfgang Oels, COO of Ecosia, the search engine that’s achieving 200% renewable energy. Yes, you read that right!

Building Relationships, Crafting Solutions, Making Memories

CloudFest’s legendary parties are also making a triumphant return, taking full advantage of Europa-Park’s outdoor spaces to provide networking experiences like no other. For example, attendees will rock out at Loud in the Cloud, our very own music festival—which could easily be its own event.

As a prelude to the main conference, top open-source developers, designers, and innovators will participate in the CloudFest Hackathon, tackling some of the nagging problems that have been holding back the Cloud. This time around, we’ve renewed our focus on diversity, inclusivity, and camaraderie to unlock development talent from every corner of the internet and the world.

Okay, Let’s Do This

The road to CloudFest 2022 has demanded huge efforts from everyone involved to make sure we can reunite after three years without an in-person event. The CloudFest team is very grateful for the support of our partners and attendees—and we’re all looking forward to making this edition of CloudFest an event for the ages. If you’re active in the internet infrastructure, telecom, or open-source spaces, join us at CloudFest 2022. You’re ready for this!

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