IaaS Hosting Provider NovoServe establishes 40GE connection to Asteroid IXP in Amsterdam

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NovoServe, a venture capital backed Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting provider with company-owned data centers focused on delivering custom-engineered IaaS hosting solutions including dedicated servers and virtual servers to customers worldwide, has established a 40GE port connection to the Asteroid Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

It means that NovoServe’s current peering/interconnection capacity at the Asteroid IXP Platform for its cross-border network backbone in the Netherlands and Germany will quadruple to meet its coming expansion needs. NovoServe is already eying 100GE to follow its planned IaaS hosting network restructuring in Q1 2019 and expected bandwidth volume growth this year.

The Asteroid IXP offers a fully automated, secured interconnection platform where some of the largest carriers, ISPs, hosting companies, CDNs and content providers globally are coming together to exchange traffic. The “smart” engineering design of Asteroid’s Internet Exchange Point in Amsterdam provides its users with a full-featured, highly automated and scalable network peering system.

NovoServe’s cross-border network backbone in the Netherlands and Germany offers a bandwidth mix composed of IP Transit and peering through Tier-1 carriers and IXPs. With two company-owned data centers in the Netherlands, 6 network Points-of-Presence (PoPs) established in two interconnected rings between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, as well as peering connections already available through other Dutch IXPs, NovoServe’s network architecture is designed to create optimal routing paths for their IaaS hosting solutions.

The connection to the Asteroid IXP Platform provides NovoServe with efficient interconnection and enhanced routing options to minimize latency while reinforcing network security, redundancy and speed. By upgrading their peering/interconnection capacity from 10GE to 40GE port capacity, NovoServe will be able to meet the requirements of increasing network traffic within NovoServe’s European network ecosystem.

“We’re pleased to see NovoServe establish a significant upgrade and enhanced connection to our highly automated IXP, following their impressive bandwidth volume growth lately. NovoServe’s European network backbone and bandwidth volume backed by their own data centers is adding great interconnection and efficiency opportunities to the other peering partners present on the Asteroid IXP platform,” said Remco van Mook, CEO of Asteroid.

“As a VC-backed IaaS hosting company with significant network growth lately, we expect NovoServe to further contribute greatly to our fast-expanding ecosystem of partners, also with regards to their planned further international growth in the years to come.”

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“Asteroid delivers highly efficient, cost-effective and simple-to-deploy local network interconnection,” said Herke Plantenga, co-founder and CEO of NovoServe.

“They put lots of engineering effort into the design of this IXP and have shown that they are clearly ahead of the curve in understanding Internet interconnection with their nimble, efficient model. Built on the latest technologies, their platform provides a disruptive technology design, where network peers are just one simple click away for us, resulting in a highly automated peering.”

Now that NovoServe has upgraded from 10GE to a 40GE connection at the Asteroid IXP platform, the company is already eying a 100GE connection as it expects fast IaaS hosting network growth and expanded latency-reduction requirements during 2019.

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“The connection of our data centers and network to the Asteroid Internet Exchange Point in Amsterdam provides our customers with a faster, and more robust network infrastructure, improved network performance, and expanded network routing options,” added Mr. Plantenga.

“Especially our clients with latency-sensitive applications including online gaming companies, Cloud Service Providers and SaaS application providers will benefit from adding the Asteroid IXP platform to our network ecosystem. It gives them reduced latency and enhanced security guarantees. The capacity upgrade to 40GE meets our current network growth and bandwidth volume requirements. As we have planned to re-architect our Germany/Netherlands cross-border network backbone in Q1 2019 to support further network growth and geographically expanded latency-reduction, we are already contemplating a 100GE port capacity upgrade.”

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