N-able and JCDC unite to make the global MSP ecosystem more secure

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N-able, a global software company, is teaming up with the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) to make the world’s digital systems more secure. N-able helps IT service providers offer services like remote monitoring and managing computer systems, protecting data, and ensuring security. The JCDC, which was created by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), brings together different organizations to work together in real-time to fight cyber threats.

With this collaboration, N-able and JCDC aim to enhance cybersecurity and reduce risks for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on technology to operate safely. This will involve working with IT service providers and security service providers to strengthen the security of critical infrastructure and reduce potential threats.

Outcomes of N-able and JCDC collaboration

Through the partnership with JCDC, N-able aims to establish guidelines that prioritize the security of products across the entire ecosystem. This consistency in security measures is considered crucial for the benefit of all customers.

There are four key outcomes anticipated from this collaboration:

  • Enhanced default security: The collaboration will enable remote monitoring and management (RMM) vendors to improve default security measures based on discussions held within the working groups.
  • Partner education: RMM vendors will be able to educate their partners on implementing stronger security practices.
  • Industry-wide best practices: The collaboration will ensure that all RMM vendors align with industry-standard best practices, which have not been systematically established before.
  • Foster collaboration: The collaboration will encourage sharing of knowledge and collaboration among RMM vendors, promoting a collective effort to enhance security.

These outcomes aim to strengthen security across the board and benefit both RMM vendors and their customers.

“By having the opportunity to collaborate with JCDC, we’re aiming to develop guidelines designated to make sure we’re not only helping our customers manage their security posture with our products but also helping to create a more secure MSP ecosystem. And that should be critical for all of us,” said Dave MacKinnon, chief security officer at N-able. “To me, it doesn’t matter whether they’re N-able customers or not. It’s important we provide a secure global ecosystem for all MSPs and their customers.”

Improving the security of the global MSP ecosystem

In January, the CISA warned about cybercriminals targeting RMM providers. This has been an ongoing concern for some time, as these providers are seen as a pathway for hackers to exploit small businesses. However, with the help of JCDC, CISA is now actively prioritizing the MSP industry. This presents a valuable opportunity for collaboration between the industry and JCDC to enhance security measures and minimize security risks for MSPs.

The collaboration between N-able and JCDC is seen as a powerful alliance with significant potential. The industry now has a well-defined strategic plan, and various working groups are actively involved in its implementation. The collaboration aims to bring MSPs and RMM vendors together to establish a formal program, which is considered crucial for the development and future success of the industry.

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