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Microsoft Unveils 2023 Partner of the Year Award Winners and Finalists

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Microsoft has announced the list of 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners and finalists. With the partner ecosystem flourishing and a remarkable track record of success, this year’s awards saw an impressive surge in nominations, with over 4,200 submissions pouring in from 106 countries/regions.

The winners and finalists, handpicked from this pool, stood out for their unwavering dedication to customers, the profound impact of their solutions, and their remarkable utilization of Microsoft technologies.

“Over the past year, our global and diverse partner ecosystem has supported customers in their digital transformation with Microsoft Cloud applications, services, devices, and AI innovation. We will celebrate these outstanding achievements together with all our partners across the globe at Microsoft Inspire 2023, which we’re hosting from July 18–19”, said Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Officer and Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions.

Microsoft announced winners in the following categories:

  • Azure
  • Modern Work
  • Security
  • Business Applications
  • Industry
  • Business Transformation
  • Social Impact

Here is a glimpse of the winners across these categories.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award – Azure

Celebal Technologies Private Limited – United Arab Emirates

Celebal Technology is at the forefront of responsible AI practices and is driving transformative solutions in speech recognition, virtual reality, and natural language generation. Its expertise has been recognized through the AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure specialization. With a team of over 500 AI experts, it has successfully deployed more than 60 solutions to over 100 customers in the current fiscal year.

Neudesic – United States

Neudesic demonstrated its expertise by successfully assisting its customer in migrating over 340 applications to the Azure platform. This migration resulted in substantial cost savings for the customer. Leveraging its reliable Cloud Factory & Cloud Control Framework, along with other services, Neudesic efficiently transferred over fifty percent of the customer’s infrastructure and database assets. This encompassed migrating from legacy on-premises systems as well as from a competitor’s cloud platform to Azure’s infrastructure and database services.

Version 1 – United Kingdom

Version 1 has established itself as a leading expert in application innovation, consistently boosting developer productivity to remarkable heights. Its exceptional skill set enables them to successfully navigate and deliver projects of significant complexity, leaving customers fully satisfied.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Business Applications

3Cloud – United States

3Cloud’s success this fiscal year can be attributed to its powerful combination of technical expertise and a dedicated focus on establishing Power BI Centers of Excellence. By prioritizing adoption, usage, and the realization of customer value, 3Cloud has excelled in driving customers towards Azure Data and Power BI platforms. Its achievements have been made possible through the implementation of 3Cloud’s Modern Analytics playbook, complemented by their Modern Data and BI Platform Jumpstart methodology and scripts.

Hitachi Solutions – United States

Hitachi Solutions has once again proven its prowess in the domains of Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service. The company secured numerous multi-million-dollar deals that integrated both Customer Service and Field Service solutions.

Furthermore, Hitachi Solutions is playing a crucial role in assisting customers in mitigating business risks and overcoming challenges arising from the volatile economic climate and disruptions in the supply chain. Their expertise and solutions offer valuable support in navigating these uncertainties and ensuring business continuity.

Cognizant – United States

Cognizant leverages its extensive expertise in the Power Platform to revolutionize the way organizations operate, enabling customers to streamline their business processes and boost productivity. Through industry-leading, end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions, Cognizant tailors its offerings based on decades of industry experience and unique intellectual property. This approach empowers its clients with a targeted strategy to deliver exceptional business value and unparalleled scalability, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Business Transformation

EY – United States

EY and Microsoft have a strong partnership aimed at improving global work and achievements. Their collaboration leads to long-lasting growth and influence that goes beyond market conditions. They achieve success by adopting a comprehensive market approach (Advise-Transform-Operate), combining EY’s ingenuity and expertise with the latest Microsoft Cloud innovations. This results in scalable solutions that speed up outcomes and the adoption of cloud technology.

Elastic – United States

Elastic offers search-driven solutions in enterprise search, observability, and security, enabling customers to improve employee and customer experiences while ensuring the seamless operation of vital applications and safeguarding against cyber threats. Through its partnership with Microsoft, Elastic has successfully developed and integrated solutions within Azure, amplifying the impact of its marketplace across the globe.

Accenture-Avanade – United States

Avanade X is a business group that focuses on meeting the pressing demand of enterprises to adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors and workplace expectations. With a strong dedication to innovation, Avanade X combines strategy, design, and engineering with Microsoft technologies in its Customer Experience (CX) practices, offering unmatched and personalized experiences.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Industry

KPMG LLP – United States

KPMG, known for its expertise in building efficient logistics systems and deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, is at the forefront of an initiative to revolutionize warehouse operations for a defense customer. It is achieving this by delivering a cutting-edge 5G-enabled smart warehouse solution built on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics. This groundbreaking solution, a first of its kind, harnesses the flexibility and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to modernize defense logistics operations.

PwC – United States

PwC and Microsoft have joined forces to support the public sector in navigating through disruptive challenges, optimizing operations, and delivering critical services by spearheading the necessary digital transformations. In its winning entry, PwC provided the customer with a comprehensive proposal that harnessed the complete suite of Microsoft tools, ensuring seamless integration and utilizing a unified cloud platform. This solution, centered around Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, aimed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and simplify onboarding and training processes.

Volpara Health Technologies – New Zealand

Volpara Health Technologies, a prominent global leader in health technology software, offers integrated platform solutions dedicated to saving families from cancer. Through their AI-powered Breast Health Platform image analysis, Volpara empowers radiologists with precise quantification of breast tissue, facilitating mammograms with superior image quality and positioning.

In an industry grappling with staffing shortages, Volpara’s solutions streamline operations and provide valuable performance insights, enabling continuous improvement efforts.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Modern Work

Zelly – Sweden

Zelly is dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers in Sweden in swiftly and securely adopting cloud solutions, enabling them to adapt to the evolving business landscape. By guiding its customers through the transition from Microsoft 365 Business SKU to E5, Zelly ensures they unlock the complete value of Microsoft’s robust security solutions, empowering them to maintain a secure environment while remaining competitive in the market.

Innovative-e Inc. – United States

Innovative-e, a partner specializing in Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), has developed a cutting-edge PPM platform called Teams4PM. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates Project for the Web, Project Online, and Planner, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Dataverse, and Azure. Through its collaboration with Microsoft and its expertise in implementing Teams4PM, Innovative-e has achieved significant, positive outcomes for customers spanning various industries. Its successful track record highlights the transformative power of its solution in empowering organizations to effectively manage projects and portfolios.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Security

Phoenix Software – United Kingdom

Phoenix Software provides unparalleled business value to its customers by leveraging the comprehensive Microsoft modern management portfolio. Their offerings are carefully aligned with both Microsoft’s standards and regulatory best practices, ensuring optimal performance.

BDO Digital, LLC – United States BDO

BDO collaborated with their client to enhance their cybersecurity posture by deploying a combination of Microsoft Sentinel and BDO Digital’s managed extended detection and response (MXDR) solution. This implementation significantly improved access and visibility into security trends and metrics across both cloud and on-premises systems. As a result, actionable alerts were reduced by an impressive 50%.

2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards – Social Impact

WPP plc – United Kingdom

In collaboration with a prominent consumer healthcare company, WPP worked together to enhance the functionality of the Microsoft Seeing AI app. By leveraging the barcode reader feature, it successfully integrated 1,500 product SKUs into the app. This significant development enables individuals with low vision or blindness to scan product barcodes and receive audible information about the packaging, including details such as ingredients, warnings, dosage instructions, and legal information.

nVisionIT LTD – Mauritius

Collaborating with the Government of Mauritius and international non-governmental organizations, nVisionIT spearheaded the development of a rapid response system named ‘Lespwar’—meaning “hope” in Mauritian Creole. This innovative system enables users to swiftly alert local law enforcement authorities and access prompt assistance and support services in situations involving domestic violence.

To know the complete list of winners and finalists, check here.

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