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Microsoft acquires jClarity to drive Java workloads performance on Azure

Microsoft acquires jClarity

Microsoft is acquiring the Java specialist jClarity to drive increased performance for Java workloads on Azure.

jClarity is a leading contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project. The team behind jClarity includes data scientists and experts in data-driven Java Virtual Machine (JVM) optimizations.

Acquisition of jClarity will help Microsoft to leverage the advancements in Java and support its contributions to open source.

In a blog post, John Montgomery – Corporate VP of Program Management for Developer Tools and Services, Microsoft, wrote “At Microsoft, we strongly believe that we can do more for our customers by working alongside the Java community. The jClarity team, with the backing of Microsoft, will continue to collaborate with the OpenJDK community and the Java ecosystem to foster the progress of the platform.”

More than 50% of the computing workloads now run on Linux, and Microsoft Azure is one of the best platforms for open source. Microsoft has been increasingly using Java platform for several large-scale deployments, including Azure HDInsight and Minecraft. Moreover, many big customers of Microsoft have migrated their Java production workloads to Azure.

Microsoft wants to ensure that all the Java workloads on Azure run seamlessly and provide an improved experience to customers. jClarity engineers will work with Azure team to optimize the Java applications on Azure, and make it a better platform for customers.

This will not only improve the experience and performance for customers, but also for internal teams and Java developers.

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“It’s always been jClarity’s core mission to support the Java ecosystem. We started with our world-class performance tooling and then later became a leader in the AdoptOpenJDK project,” wrote Martijn Verburg, CEO of jClarity, in a separate blog post.

“Microsoft leads the world in backing developers and their communities, and after speaking to their engineering and programme leadership, it was a no brainer to enter formal discussions. With the passion and deep expertise of Microsoft’s people, we’ll be able to support the Java ecosystem better than ever before!”

Microsoft and jClarity didn’t disclose the financial terms of the deal.

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