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Microsoft simplifies blockchain development with new features in Azure Blockchain dev kit

Blockchain Development

At the TruffleCon 2019, Microsoft has introduced a number of new features for Azure Blockchain Development Kit which will make it easier for developers to build blockchain apps.

“We’re constantly looking and listening to feedback for areas where we can lean in and help developers go further, faster,” says Marc Mercuri, Microsoft’ Principal Program Manager of Blockchain Engineering in a blog post.

Earlier this year, Microsoft had launched the fully managed Azure Blockchain Service to simplify the formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks. Going ahead the tech giant also introduced Azure Blockchain development kit for Ethereum.

The Azure Blockchain development kit is delivered through Visual Studio Code and is compatible with all the popular operating systems. It comes integrated with OSS tools from Truffle and other open source blockchain tools which allows developers to create, compile, test, and manage smart contract code before deployment.

And now, Microsoft has come up with more innovative features for Azure Blockchain development kit:

Interactive debugger:

Interactive debugger will bring together Truffle Debugger and Visual Studio Code so that the developers get all the key debugging features required to identify, debug, and resolve issues in Ethereum smart contracts. Developers will be able to use all the debugging features like breakpoints, step in/over/out, watch windows, and Intellisence pop ups, using a single solution.

Auto-generated prototype UI:

The Azure Blockchain dev kit now comes with an auto-generated UI that is rendered inside Visual Studio Code. The latest graphical user interface (GUI) allows developers to interact with their deployed Ethereum contracts right in the IDE environment without building a dummy UI or custom software to test out if the smart contracts are working properly.

The tech giant has introduced a huge improvement in productivity with the addition of interactive debugger and auto-generated prototype UI. By bringing all the major components of software development, Microsoft has added new strengths to its blockchain development kit among other cloud companies.

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