MSPs can now access the security solutions of Malwarebytes on the Pax8 marketplace

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Cloud commerce marketplace, Pax8, has announced the addition of Malwarebytes as a new global security vendor in its cloud marketplace. This collaboration will offer Managed Service Providers (MSPs) access to Malwarebytes’ all-in-one endpoint security portfolio, which delivers comprehensive yet cost-effective protection for enterprises. The solution is specifically engineered to shield MSPs and their customers from the continuously evolving risks presented by contemporary cybercriminals.

“At Pax8, we understand the vital role security plays in the technology industry, and we emphasize our strong commitment to offer our partners the finest cybersecurity solutions available from top vendors such as Malwarebytes,” said Sophie Merrifield, CVP of Vendor Operations at Pax8. “This partnership provides MSPs with a convenient and efficient way to enhance their clients’ security posture, strengthen their own businesses, and stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats.”

Malwarebytes has been ranked at the top by independent third-party research labs, for its exceptional ability to identify and block various types of malware, such as zero-day threats, ransomware, fileless attacks, and exploits. This highlights the company’s capability to stay ahead of the latest threats by consistently innovating its products. The entire security portfolio of Malwarebytes is readily available to MSPs through the Pax8 Marketplace.

The Malwarebytes OneView platform enables MSPs to offer enterprise-grade endpoint security solutions that significantly reduce the risk of malware infections and ransomware attacks for their clients. By offering centralized access to client sites, OneView makes it easy to manage endpoint security, licensing subscriptions, role-based access, customer reporting, and related tasks. The platform includes extra threat prevention modules and services, including DNS filtering and managed detection and response (MDR), that partners can offer to their customers, depending on their requirements. This ensures that each customer receives the appropriate product or service to address their unique security needs.

“Pax8 is the future of SaaS distribution and, together, we can deliver cybersecurity solutions purpose-built for MSPs to help them future-proof their security posture,” said Brian Thomas, VP of Global MSP and Channel Programs, Malwarebytes. “We have aggressive plans to continue to invest in our MSP offerings and security portfolio to reach even more partners with our award-winning solutions.”

Pax8 and Malwarebytes share a common commitment to providing MSPs with cutting-edge technology and superior security services to their clients. This approach helps MSPs scale their businesses and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing managed services industry.

Security solutions recently added to the Pax8 marketplace

In February 2023, Pax8 entered a partnership with DNSFilter to provide DNS-layer threat protection solutions to MSPs. DNSFilter offers fast and efficient detection and blocking of malicious site content, surpassing other DNS resolvers in speed and efficiency. In 2022 alone, DNSFilter blocked over nine billion threats, making it a reliable solution for MSPs.

Last year, Pax8 partnered with Todyl, an all-in-one security platform, to make its solutions available in the Pax8 marketplace. With Todyl’s technology, MSPs can easily access a suite of security and networking features that allow businesses to enhance their operations and reduce security risks. The platform is user-friendly and offers comprehensive security capabilities, making it a valuable addition to the Pax8 marketplace.

Also, in 2022, Pax8 entered a global partnership with Nord Security, a leading player in the cybersecurity industry. As part of the agreement, Pax8 will provide its partners with access to two primary products in Nord Security’s portfolio, namely NordLayer, and NordPass. This collaboration marked Nord Security’s debut in the IT channel market through distribution.

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