Licel release their guide to mobile application protection

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mobile application protection

Licel has recently released their comprehensive guide to mobile application protection. This invaluable resource is specifically tailored for software engineers and architects, providing them with essential knowledge and practical strategies for enhancing app protection.

As per Ivan Kinash, the CEO of Licel, the guide represents a logical progression of the company’s long-standing objective to advocate for app security among developers.

“We’ve always had a close bond with the app developer community because of our own background as a company. And we know that right now the best way to balance the scales with bad actors is to promote the benefits to developers of understanding the basics of app security. Engineers need to know how attackers operate and what they can do to mitigate the threats their mobile apps are up against.”

Given the prevailing circumstances in 2023 where attackers seem to hold an advantage, the guide on application protection is especially timely and imperative.

“We’ve arrived at a curious intersection with mobile apps,” says Kinash. “While many companies might readily admit their application is one of their most vital assets, this doesn’t always translate into security being prioritized as much as it should. There’s also some unhelpful misinformation out there about what mobile app protection is and the level of security that’s required.”

Licel’s guide aims to educate developers on the critical significance of app protection and explain the multifaceted layers of security required to effectively stop contemporary attacks.

The guide is structured into three primary sections, providing comprehensive coverage on the following topics:

Principles: This section delves into the crucial elements of mobile apps that require protection, elucidates tips for creating a threat model, and outlines Licel’s four essential layers of mobile application protection.

Threats: Here, various threats and attacks are discussed in detail, along with strategies for mitigation and prevention. Topics covered include decompilation and modification, dynamic analysis and tampering, emulators and virtualization apps, malware, and network communications interception.

Practice: This section offers a practical checklist for safeguarding mobile apps, along with insights on how and why security should be treated as an ongoing and continuous process.

Read Licel’s guide to application protection.

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