Virtuozzo Simplifies WordPress-as-a-Service for All Online Businesses

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Virtuozzo, a prominent provider of cloud hosting solutions for service providers, has unveiled the latest update, version 2.0, of its WordPress hosting platform. This new release showcases a revamped user interface that streamlines website deployment and cloud infrastructure management, catering to businesses that rely on WordPress for their online operations.

“According to W3Techs, 43% of all websites run on WordPress,” said Carlos Rego, Vice President of Strategic Development at Virtuozzo. “There is, however, a significant gap in the WordPress hosting market, between cheap shared or VPS hosting services, and more expensive managed WordPress from companies such as WP Engine and Kinsta. Virtuozzo’s solution enables any service provider to offer modern, containerized WordPress-as-a-Service at a fraction of the cost of those ‘premium’ solutions, and now, enables WordPress website owners to take control of their service in a simple, secure and transparent way.”

Virtuozzo’s Application Platform for WordPress has been upgraded to a new version, empowering service providers to offer affordable, high-quality hosting for WordPress. This updated platform includes automated deployment and scaling of WordPress websites, databases, CDN, security measures, and associated software stacks. All of these features are designed to be easily managed by business users, providing a convenient solution for hosting WordPress websites at an enterprise-grade level.

“This is a game-changer,” said Hiro Itami, Founder & CEO of AzPocket, a leading Japanese WordPress host and the first adopter of the new Virtuozzo platform. “AzPocket became a top Japanese WordPress host with our mixhost hosting brand, by optimizing the shared hosting model to the very last degree, but there is always a point at which business customers need more: more scale, more security, more performance. With the new Virtuozzo platform, we can disrupt today’s enterprise WordPress hosting market and deliver the premium service that businesses need, at a price point that makes sense.” 

The Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress is a cutting-edge hosting solution that utilizes containers to provide optimal performance, scalability, security, and lifecycle automation for businesses built on WordPress. The latest version introduces a user-friendly interface tailored specifically for WordPress website owners, simplifying the management of the underlying infrastructure complexities. Some of the notable features of this platform include:

  • Automatic scaling: the Virtuozzo Application Platform empowers WordPress deployments to dynamically scale up or down in response to fluctuations in website traffic, making it an essential solution for online businesses that experience unpredictable traffic patterns, such as those influenced by seasonal marketing campaigns.
  • True consumption-based pricing: with shared hosting and public cloud-based WordPress hosting, where businesses are often required to pay for reserved instances and resources regardless of whether they utilize them or not, Virtuozzo offers a more cost-effective approach. With Virtuozzo, customers are only billed for the actual resources they consume.
  • Advanced WordPress topologies: Virtuozzo streamlines the deployment process for a wide range of WordPress configurations, from single instances to multi-region clusters with intricate database and CDN setups. This automation not only simplifies the hosting provider’s tasks but also eliminates complexities for the end business user.
  • Next-gen, simplified user experience: the Virtuozzo platform presents a modern and user-friendly interface that simplifies the deployment of WordPress website projects, resource configuration, scaling adjustments, invoice payments, and overall project lifecycle management.

The latest version of the Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress is currently accessible, and new customers can take advantage of a limited-time “two for one” promotion.

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