How technology can help nonprofits accomplish their mission

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Technology has made it easier for donors to access information and ask questions from any part of the world.

The year 2020 has flipped the world upside down, but that does not mean nonprofits cannot accomplish their goal.

The digital world has changed so much. After 2020, everything is online. It has helped nonprofits accomplish their mission much faster.

It would be incredibly helpful if you showed the donors that the way you work has changed and portray the fact that you are trying to make an impact.

In this blog, you will get a gist of how technology can help improve your nonprofit’s processes and ultimately lead you to succeed in your mission.

1. Use cloud-based technology

Cloud computing is the technology that allows the use of the internet to run applications and store data through online sharing services. Some examples are Google Drive, email, web conferences, etc.


  • It can save both time and money by making processes more effective.
  • It simplifies tasks like accounting.
  • Drastically reduces the number of resources your nonprofit needs to dedicate to its IT infrastructure.
  • It not only cuts costs but also enables your nonprofit to be much more interactive.
  • It reduces expenses associated with licensing software and maintaining hardware.

You can use Mailchimp’s beginner account, which lets you send 1,200 emails monthly and 2,000 subscribers for free.

You may try out Boingnet for features like landing pages and embeddable forms, and it’s very affordable as well.

Technology keeps advancing very frequently hence, you don’t have to spend money on new software. It automatically grows and updates with technological advancements.

2. Social media platforms can help nonprofits reach a wider audience

Your nonprofit organization can use social media platforms to showcase your story and make an impact on your donors and volunteers. You can market and communicate much better and reach out to more and more people.

Use channels like emails, phone calls, social media, apps, etc. to connect with your donors.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow nonprofits to collect donations directly from their followers.

You need to engage with your donors. People like getting updates from your non-profit organization, they like getting involved in events, and they are willing to donate, but you need to figure it out their way, from their perspective.

Use social media platforms and post pictures, videos about your mission. Make content that will resonate with the target audience and will help you connect with them at a deeper level.

3. Integrate online donation software into your website

Online donation software can help you out with fundraising, event management, and campaign analytics, which will result in more donations.

Generally, for small nonprofits, fundraising can be difficult and stressful, but donation software can help nonprofits of all sizes.

Choose an affordable, user-friendly software with good technical support and a flexible platform.

Online donation software helps nonprofits to engage with donors, create compelling fundraising campaigns, issue donation receipts, and much more.

4 reasons why nonprofits must use online donation software:

  • Online Donation Software makes it easier to accept various donations and helps you organize your fundraising efforts.
  • It can help you scale your fundraising efforts and it becomes much more efficient to achieve your mission.
  • You can also send donor communications which include sending invitations and thank you emails.
  • It makes it easier to track your supporter engagement.

Pro Tip: Use fundraising software like Donorbox to raise recurring donations seamlessly.

4. Use your mobile for nonprofit fundraising

You need to have the right tools to collect mobile donations, which will make the process much more systematic.

Do you realize that most of your donors use a mobile phone to donate and connect with nonprofits? It’s easier and faster.

Try out Mobile Fundraising, it basically gives your donors the ability to donate from various mobile devices.

You can start a Text-to-Give Fundraising campaign where you can share a unique text code and number with your donors.

When a donor sends the message to this particular number, they will receive a mobile-friendly link redirecting them to your fundraising campaign.

This is a quick, cost-effective, convenient, user-friendly, and secure way of using technology such as Text-to-Give.

5. Make the donation process secure and less complicated

Make sure your donors experience a very smooth process when it comes to donating. The last thing you want is to prevent a donor from donating due to the complicated process.

You can give your donor an option not to make an account on your platform. They can just fill in the necessary information and the payment details.

Don’t include any other links which would lead your donor away from the actual page.

Your donors trust you with their personal information, and you need to make the transaction process safe and secure. Make it simple and intuitive for the donors so that they don’t have to spend too much time out of their day to donate.

Always remember that when it comes to payment options, it’s better to give the donor multiple payment options.

Final thoughts

Staying up to date with the latest technology improves efficiency and leads to achieving your fundraising goals much faster. Use marketing and technology to reach out to more people as it is at the peak of innovation.

Technology has made it easier and less complicated for nonprofits to raise funds, so make the most of it.

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