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Local businesses go digital in Bengaluru – Understand the need for colocation services

colocation services

Businesses in Bengaluru are increasingly adopting digital alternates to boost their efficiency and productivity. They’re undergoing a culture change and experimenting with new digital tools and technologies. This digital transformation can help companies to generate more revenue, meet customer expectations, derive a competitive edge, and produce value.

Digital technologies like machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and big data can assist to make business processes more efficient and improve the customer experience.

The future of businesses lies in digitalization

Small businesses need to invest in digitalization as it offers many benefits:

Use data-based insights to make educated decisions

Big data insights are vital drivers of success and growth. Businesses can use analytics solutions to analyze and track the performance of their content, marketing campaigns, and websites in real-time. Based on these insights, companies can make educated decisions on what strategies are proving effective and what are not.

Data can assist you to comprehend the needs of your consumers so you can deploy customer-centric methods to fulfill them. By accessing real-time analytics information, you can utilize your marketing budget more effectively.

Businesses can build digital solutions with the assistance of AI and machine learning to gather user data and provide customized, user-focused services and products.

Make your processes digital

Paper-based processes are old-fashioned and inefficient and need to be replaced by digital operations to boost efficiency, save money and time, and reduce paper wastage. Businesses can use employee management, spend management, and other helpful digital tools to enhance their processes. Digital transformation can help companies to digitize everything from transaction automation, process automation, and people management to analytics and more.

How to adopt digital tools?

You can analyze each one of your firm’s processes and select appropriate ways to automate them. A number of solutions are available to minimize the turnaround period and simplify tasks. Prepare a list of strategies and tools that can assist you to automate different business processes. Then, you can prioritize the items and automate and digitize the processes one after the other.

Improve accuracy and eliminate errors

You can aim to automate difficult tasks like data collection to minimize human errors. Utilize task management and project management solutions to delegate and handle deadlines and tasks. This tactic can aid to ensure that no important task is missed.

With digitalization, your organization can eliminate mistakes at all stages. This can assist to minimize rework and enhance overall efficiency. Improved accuracy means lesser errors, wastage, and guesswork. All these elements can help you save costs too.

In these ways, digital transformation can expand growth opportunities for businesses.

Data Centers: heart of the digital economy

The digital economy in Bengaluru and other Indian cities is powered by data centers and colocation services. CRISIL reports that data centre industry capacity in India is expected to increase three-fold to reach 1,100-1,200 MW by FY25[1]. This growth will be fueled by investments of $4-5 billion announced for greenfield and brownfield expansion in the last three years[1].

Data centers and colocation services are important because they offer the following benefits to businesses:

Security and privacy

Data centers typically employ stringent physical security measures such as surveillance cameras, security guards, biometric authentication, and more. Their security protocols are verified and certified by standards such as ISO27001, PCI/SOX, and others.

Reliability & scalability

Data center services must continue to perform the appropriate function in its optimal state and should be equipped to navigate any disruption such as hardware or software faults, as well as human errors. Besides, when it comes to mission critical operations, the infrastructure should be able to enable scope for effective management in terms of data volume, traffic volume, or complexities.

Storage and networking

Data centers and colocation services use advanced storage and networking solutions that enable the delivery of shared applications as well as data, and include critical components such as routers, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application-delivery controllers.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that storage and networking solution delivers:

  • Big data processing: Organizations that need to analyze large volumes of data utilizing parallel processing require plenty of bandwidth. This can be provided by storage and networking solutions that help to effectively manage connectivity and throughput.
  • Support for cloud traffic: Cloud computing is growing in popularity and it is based on the concepts of self-service and on-demand capacity. Storage and networking tools can deliver these dynamically to cloud users.
  • Handling traffic to several virtual machines and IP addresses: Storage and networking products permit dynamic routing tables to help achieve routing prioritization based on network feedback in real-time, making it simpler to control and manage virtual machines.
  • Making infrastructure agile and scalable: You can use storage and networking solutions to easily add devices to the network which reduces service interruption risks. In addition, the tools better fit the overall design and parallel processing capabilities of virtualized networks.
  • Managing security and policy: Lastly, storage and networking products can be leveraged more effectively and efficiently to deploy security policies across the network, including essential elements like firewalling devices and others.

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STT GDC India offers a set of colocation services that provide secured, cost-effective, and scalable data center solutions to businesses. Operating 18 state-of-the-art data center facilities in 9 major cities, STT GDC India has been trusted with mission-critical infrastructure for some of the largest organizations, which includes cloud service providers, media and content providers, as well as financial institutions. 

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