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How BitNinja makes the internet a safer place?


Today, many people are still afraid of using the internet. Much of society does not understand this fear and cannot imagine their life without being online. There is truth on both sides, as hackers are trying to find new ways to break into servers and steal data every day. However, if everyone would do everything to protect themselves from these attacks, the internet would be a completely safe place.  

This is where BitNinja comes in. BitNinja is a SaaS tool that helps large hosting providers and small businesses equally to keep their servers safe from these hackers. They offer a wide range of unique solutions to prevent cyberattacks, some of which are even free of charge so that everyone can benefit from them. 

What are these exceptional features? 

The Defense Network 

BitNinja provides a comprehensive security intelligence system for Linux servers that does not just detect and clean all types of threats and incidents but prevents them and protects your servers and customers from continuously changing and renewable attacks.  

This intelligent system does not just protect against malicious traffic and prevent further attacks. It gets stronger and smarter with every single attack. 

Thanks to the crowd-sourced method called the Defense Network, all the modules and all BitNinja-protected servers worldwide are effectively sharing attack information with each other.

This power of the community results in a super safe and efficient shield that protects the servers from the latest vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks. 

Thanks to this Defense Network, BitNinja has the most extensive IP list. The IP-Reputation system blocks bot traffic automatically and immediately protects even the smallest user in this system.  

To give you a number, the Defense Network contains intel of over 10 million IP addresses. That is a large number. Therefore, to ensure effectiveness, they only fetch the complete list on startup. After that, they keep it up to date by sending the latest changes. 

This is how BitNinja-protected servers are constantly getting updates on the newest bad actors. Your servers will keep others updated too. It is like “herd immunity.”  

So, in a nutshell, the agents share information between themselves, making them super-efficient. This results in less worthless traffic and more quality customers. 

How does this network help make the internet safer for others, not just BitNinja users?  

Free-of-charge incident reports  

Thanks to the previously mentioned Defense Network, countless pieces of information come in worldwide. Therefore, BitNinja has loads of important data about the latest attacks. They share this with every affected party, even if they do not use BitNinja software.  

What is this report, and how does it work? 

These reports inform the IP address owners that they are attacking BitNinja-protected servers, in case they were unaware. Because sometimes, it’s not easy to notice that a server is used as a “bot” sending malicious attacks over the internet.  

This is a beneficial service because it allows them to take action to secure their servers, avoid potential future incidents, and prevent them from being greylisted again.  

An incident report contains the three earliest logs which led to the IP being blocked. A link also directs the owner to the latest 100 logs that may help them disinfect the server. 

BitNinja believes that companies have a right to know if their servers are being infected. And while some companies are already aware of these happening on their servers, they might not know the exact reason. By sending out incident reports free of charge, BitNinja hopes to give companies the information they need to prevent future inconvenience. 

With this, they try to help raise awareness about potential security threats and make the internet safer for everyone, even if they do not use their service. 

The most efficient malware scanner 

Having these ambitions drives BitNinja to constantly develop their product, even when it looks final and works flawlessly. There is always room for improvement when it comes to server security.  

Therefore they have kept boosting their malware scanner to be the best it can be, and they announced their newly remodeled super-fast scanner not so long ago. 

It first runs a quick scan of the customers’ server, searching for obvious malware signs, which takes significantly less time than a deep scan. After that, the scanner automatically moves on to the deep scan. If there is any malicious software, the scanner quarantines the infected file(s) and notifies the server’s owner so that they can take appropriate action. 

Stating that BitNinja’s malware scanner is the most effective in the market might sound overly self-confident. However, it is based on several tests and backed up with exact numbers.  

It works in auto-pilot mode 

Sometimes server security seems like a lot of struggle, money, and time, so some companies put it at the bottom of the to-do list. Because of this general opinion, another important mission for BitNinja is to make server protection as effortless as possible.  

Therefore, the installation happens with one line of code, so every module and feature can be used within a maximum of five minutes. After these five minutes, users can immediately enjoy protection from the mentioned worldwide Defense Network.  

In most cases, from this point, BitNinja works in auto-pilot mode and protects the servers without any further ado. If the user wants to check or set up something, they can see and follow all vital information on the unified dashboard in real-time. Therefore, searching for data does not take time away from other crucial aspects of the business.  

In addition, the software itself is control panel independent, so it works with all the major systems. 


Reinforcing their goals mentioned above of raising awareness and making it as easy as possible to use the protective shield of BitNinja, they also created some free courses. Everyone can watch tutorial videos on their YouTube channel about server protection and using BitNinja in the most effective way.  


BitNinja is on a mission to provide peace of mind for everyone who uses the internet.  

They are doing this in many different ways. One way is through their Defense Network, which offers protection for all small businesses and large hosting providers by sharing attack information worldwide. They also provide free incident reports, using tons of received data to raise awareness of online threats. The implementation and usage of the software are as effortless as possible – the server protection can be up and running in minutes. Furthermore, they offer free cybersecurity courses, so everyone has access to and the opportunity to educate themselves about this very crucial topic.   

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