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Five New Domain Extensions Coming from XYZ in 2020


The XYZ Registry, known for their wide array of domain offerings, is expanding the domain portfolio by gaining the exclusive rights to five new domain name endings that will be made available to the public in 2020. The first domain to be announced, .Quest, is the expert new domain that signifies the solution to any search. The launch of .Quest and four additional inspiring new TLDs will make XYZ the operator of 17 domain extensions, including the world’s most utilized new domain, .xyz.

This announcement takes place of a stellar year for XYZ – with an almost 40% year-over-year growth in registrations across their 12 domain extensions in 2019. Flagship domain .xyz has become known as the world’s favorite new domain ending with the top spot in usage across all nTLDs.

The high utilization of the .xyz TLD is due in part to its seamless integration with all industries and interests, and XYZ is building on that success by launching another domain extension meant for authorities in any field: .Quest. Knowledgeable businesses, organizations, and individuals can use .Quest to mark their website as the leading destination for their audience. It will allow the domain owner to effectively show their customers that they will guide them to the end of their search.

The extensions of the four additional TLDs that will launch this year haven’t been made public, though the registry states that “they are ultra-desirable to this audience’s multi-billion dollar global industry.” The SEO and branding benefits are exceptional for this mass audience and will give millions of brands and professionals the chance to get a modern, memorable, industry-specific domain name.

“2020 marks an exciting new decade of consumer choice and affordable, creative naming options.” says XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. “XYZ’s mission as a technology company is to inspire and empower everyone to start or expand their great idea with a memorable domain name ending. We are excited to bring five new domain choices to the world this year for individuals, businesses and extraterrestrials to enjoy. Boom!”

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