Donuts launches BL.INK platform to replace clunky URLs with meaningful short links

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Donuts Inc., the leading domain name registry firm, has launched a new short link platform called BL.INK, that will help users replace clunky URLs with meaningful short links.

According to a new research by Donuts, around 75% of users prefer short links with real words rather than long URLs or legacy short links with character strings.

In the digitally connected world, the links play a very important role in driving website traffic, generating new leads, and more. The meaningful short links provide simplicity of information, clarity, memorability and trustworthiness, which increases the probability of getting clicked.

Donuts is a leader in top-level internet domains whose portfolio includes over 240 TLDs. With BL.INK, Donuts wants to help companies and other customers create branded and custom short links words that are not only meaningful but also memorable.

“Short links are a digital marketing essential – for any size business. Every digital interaction should reinforce your brand or convey your message. At Donuts, we saw an opportunity to offer a better product: links that use real words,” said John Pollard, executive vice president, Donuts Registry. “We found the best link management platform, and for the first time ever, customers can create custom links using brands and other meaningful, memorable, real words.”

Donuts said that its new platform is evolution of BudURL, the link management platform it acquired last year. The BudURL is used by several leading companies including Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Target, etc.

“BL.INK is another example of our commitment to find and develop new value-added services for the domain channel,” Pollard continued. “With BL.INK, our partners have an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the economics of this rapidly-growing space. With the power and reach of our channel, BL.INK can now be embraced by businesses of all sizes. It’s a win-win-win-win, for BL.INK, for Donuts, for our partners and for their customers.”  

Furthermore, the domain registry has also launched BL.INK Advisory Board, to guide the customers about the product strategy and innovations of BL.INK.

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With the launch of BL.INK, Donuts is offering free domain names to the users who register on new platform.

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