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Dell EMC Unity Midrange Storage advances data reduction, data protection, and management in latest OS update

Dell EMC Unity

Dell EMC has announced that it is making Dell EMC Unity better with the newest Operating Environment 4.5 release including expanded software features such as advanced data reduction, data protection, and management functions.

For the customers who have invested in the cloud or those just starting out, Dell EMC Unity also expands its cloud presence with more cloud deployment options. Customers will also benefit from the quality advancements that come with every Dell EMC Unity release.

“We continue to be impressed with the enhancements that Dell EMC has made with the Unity platform. The new OE 4.5 release that includes advanced data reduction technology has allowed Arrow ECS to more efficiently manage our data,” said Seife Teklu, Senior Solutions Architect, Arrow ECS.

“Using the new File Level Retention and quota management software has enabled us to improve the management of storage allocation and regulatory compliance requirements while Metrosync Manager will help our business reduce unplanned downtime by allowing file synchronous storage resources to failover to our destination site in the event of a disaster”.

Advanced Inline Deduplication

The company has included Advanced In-line Dynamic Pattern Detection that considers all data patterns enabling users to see increased efficiency over OE 4.4 with up to 2.7:1 data reduction savings applicable to both file and block data.

File management gets even better

Metrosync for Unity synchronous file replication that came with OE 4.4 is now enhanced with the addition of Metrosync Manager. Metrosync Manager will enhance orchestration, replication granularity and failover capabilities for the synchronous file replication.

New software to prevent file data loss

New file-level retention capabilities will protect files from modification or deletion until a specified retention date. This is especially useful, for example, when companies are bound by new regulations and compliance requirements for data that has extended life cycles and require longer maintenance and retention periods

Software-defined storage with HA

With Dell EMC Unity OE 4.5, the company has also added native high availability (HA) for the software-defined Dell EMC UnityVSA Professional Edition with 2-node, 2-core, and Tie Breaker Node for 10, 25, and 50TB capacity offerings.

The Dell EMC UnityVSA Tie Breaker Node or witness node is a lightweight third member of the cluster to arbitrate in the unlikely event all communication is lost between the two nodes to avoid data corruption. Users can always download and try Dell EMC UnityVSA Community Edition for free.

Additionally, Dell has also invested in advancing the ability of Dell EMC Unity to participate in hybrid cloud environments – and it’s all available now.

Dell EMC UnityVSA Cloud Edition runs in AWS cloud

With the new Dell EMC Unity Cloud Edition, users will be able to deploy fully-functional Dell EMC Unity storage as a VM in a VMware Cloud environment with initial qualification for VMware Cloud on AWS.

In this version, users will be able to deploy:

  • Comprehensive UFS64 file services for VM Cloud
  • Cloud-based DR capabilities with native asynchronous replication; and
  • Scalable test and development environments without additional Dell EMC Unity hardware.

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Dell EMC Unity validated with VMware Cloud Foundation

Dell EMC Unity and VMware Cloud Foundation NFS qualification allows users to implement “Do It Yourself” Cloud Building Blocks to design and build a custom cloud platform using best-of-breed cloud-enabled infrastructure such as Dell EMC Unity. Dell EMC Unity is the first NFS-based (i.e. File) external storage array family to be validated with VMware Cloud Foundation. It further demonstrates tangible benefits of buying the complete Dell Technologies stack and highlights Dell EMC Unity engineering investments in VMware.


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