cPanel introduces Manage Team feature for enhanced collaboration and security

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cPanel manage team

In response to rising demand from its user community, cPanel, the leading Linux-based web hosting management solution, has rolled out its highly anticipated Manage Team feature. This feature enhances collaboration and security for teams of all sizes and empowers account owners to create sub-accounts and selectively delegate access to specific functionalities. Manage Team is now available to all cPanel users for free.

“Team Manager has been our most requested feature,” states Jesse Asklund, Chief Experience Officer at cPanel. “With this feature, we’re enabling seamless collaboration and administrative task delegation, allowing site owners to give access to associates, developers, and anyone else needing access to a cPanel account without sharing the primary account credentials.”

How does Manage Team help businesses?

As the number of small businesses establishing their online presence continues to surge, the demand for a secure method of delegating administrative tasks within cPanel has also increased.

Manage Team addresses this need by enabling license owners to create sub-accounts tailored for specific functions like website development, database management, email administration, and more, all without compromising sensitive login information.

This helps to:

  • Reduce support costs.
  • Enhance security measures.
  • Get detailed logs of actions by each sub-user.
  • Set automatic expiration dates for accounts.

New selling avenues for shared hosting providers

The Manage Team feature allows shared hosting providers to market and sell delegated accounts as part of their service packages, without incurring additional licensing costs from cPanel. Account owners can establish sub-accounts designed for teams of varying sizes, from small 3-member squads to standard 5-member teams, and even expansive 7-member teams, offering them at different price points.

Moreover, this feature serves as an entry point for new users into the cPanel ecosystem, potentially leading to increased demand for their own cPanel accounts down the line.

Reinforcing control and security

With Manage Team, account owners have the option to enforce Two-factor Authentication for all users. Additionally, the root administrator or reseller can set limits on the number of sub-user accounts within a cPanel account.

Activating Manage Team

To activate the Manage Team feature for a cPanel account, users simply need to select it from the menu in WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM » Home » Packages » Feature Manager).

This launch grants cPanel account owners full control over their accounts, enabling them to easily grant access to team members and third-party providers, all while prioritizing safety. This development is poised to revolutionize the way businesses manage their web hosting operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and security.

cPanel recently announced a change in prices. In its email to partners, cPanel mentioned about the pricing adjustment that would impact partners’ existing accounts, subscriptions, or services. It acknowledged that any price alteration would have a direct impact on partners’ businesses. cPanel  has said that there was no immediate action required from partners, as the pricing adjustment would be automatically implemented starting from January 1st, 2024.

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