Akamai unveils new edge computing solution for scalable and secure IoT connectivity

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At Akamai Edge World conference, Akamai introduced a new cloud-based solution for connected devices. Called Edge Cloud, the new solution is aimed to streamline and secure the delivery of data to IoT connected devices and applications at scale.

There will be around 22 billion connected devices by 2025, which will be used to send data across the internet. In such a scenario, it is critical to ensure that all the data delivered to the connected devices remains secure and streamlined.

“Akamai is investing to extend its network capabilities with the goal of meeting the unique needs of the growing IoT device and application messaging markets,” said Craig Adams, senior vice president and general manager, Web Performance and Security, Akamai Technologies.

“Delivering massive amounts of data across the globe securely is in Akamai’s DNA. We are focused on developing technology designed to scale, simplify and secure the way IoT and application data is delivered to endpoints.”

Edge Cloud will come with a product named IoT Edge Connect that offers a secure framework to send data to and from devices. It will improve and help enterprises support huge IoT deployments. The new service uses messaging protocol MQTT and a MQTT message broker for sending or publishing information.

IoT Edge Connect can provide better scalability for connected devices and can support hundreds of millions of endpoints and ten times more messages, as compared to other IoT or in-app messaging cloud solutions.

IoT Edge Connect is architected to provide continuous global service and is integrated with an all-in-one data stream, distributed database. The service has an end-to-end mutual authentication, is easy-to-use and reliable, and optimizes data delivery.

“With the launch of IoT Edge Connect, we’re harnessing the power of the Edge and bringing it to the next frontier of connected devices and applications.” said Lior Netzer, vice president and CTO, IoT, Akamai.

The company has made its mark by launching a global content delivery network (CDN) that developers will leverage to expand the reach of applications.

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