Acronis empowers MSPs to offer enhanced endpoint security with its new EDR solution

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Acronis has unveiled its latest innovation in the field of endpoint security with the release of Acronis Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. The new solution incorporates AI-based attack analysis and aims to streamline operations, reduce complexity, and provide a comprehensive security and data protection framework for managed service providers (MSPs) and businesses.

As the number of endpoints continues to increase and cyber threats become more frequent, EDR has become an essential tool in incident response and data protection. However, the deployment and maintenance of EDR solutions have often posed challenges for organizations. Acronis EDR addresses these concerns by offering easy deployment, rapid detection, response, and recovery, all powered by AI and automation.

This integration enables MSPs to analyze and prioritize security incidents efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity while keeping their clients safe and protected.

Acronis EDR for MSPs

Acronis EDR offers a range of valuable benefits for MSPs seeking enhanced protection for their clients:

  1. Rapid Incident Prioritization and Attack Interpretation: Users can quickly assess the scope of an attack and gain insights within minutes, enabling faster response and mitigation.
  2. Integrated Backup and Recovery: With built-in backup and recovery capabilities, Acronis EDR ensures business continuity for clients, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact of cyberattacks.
  3. Simple Launch and Scalability: The service is designed to be easy to deploy and scale, making it suitable for clients of all sizes. MSPs can efficiently manage multiple clients with a single agent and platform.
  4. Streamlined Compliance: Acronis EDR helps organizations improve their compliance efforts by providing an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution that aligns with industry regulations and standards.

By leveraging Acronis EDR, MSPs can enhance their cybersecurity offerings, prioritize incidents effectively, maintain business continuity for clients, easily adapt to client requirements, and achieve greater compliance with ease.

How Acronis is helping MSPs provide improved endpoint security services

During its annual #CyberFit Summit in 2022, Acronis announced Advanced Automation and the integration of Machine Intelligence (MI) into its Advanced Management solution. The new updates offer MSPs access to a comprehensive and proactive endpoint management solution. The key features include:

  • Machine Intelligence-based remote monitoring for continuous automated anomaly detection without manual threshold setting.
  • Fail-safe patch management through automated backups, allowing for rollback in case of patch failures.
  • Multi-vendor, prediction-based hard drive health monitoring.
  • Improved Remote Desktop performance over slow networks, support for MacOS and Linux, and both user and admin initiation.
  • Enhanced security measures for remote desktop and Cyber Scripting, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and a new protocol with two-way AES encryption to prevent vulnerabilities in management tools.

These advancements provide MSPs with robust tools to monitor and manage endpoints effectively, ensure data protection, optimize performance, and enhance security measures.

The Acronis Advanced Automation also enables MSP partners to seamlessly integrate their back-office operations with the delivery of Acronis-based services, specifically endpoint management. It encompasses various functionalities like:

  • Billing automation that supports consumption-based services.
  • Tracking and reporting of SLAs, technician performance, and support tickets.
  • Automated tracking of billable and non-billable time on a per-tenant basis.
  • Operational and profitability reporting, along with comprehensive dashboards.
  • Multilingual support for enhanced accessibility.
  • Centralized control and visibility through the Acronis console.

These advancements in Acronis Advanced Automation empower MSP partners to streamline their business processes, improve efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their operations and profitability, all from a centralized and user-friendly platform.

What MSPs can expect in 2023

In 2023, MSPs and customers can expect several developments from Acronis:

  • Investment in Platform and Infrastructure: Acronis will continue to invest in its platform, data center, compute storage, and network services.
  • Enhanced Extensibility and Customization: Acronis aims to make its platform more extensible and accessible for customization and joint development projects.
  • Innovation in Backup, Disaster Recovery, Security, and Management: Acronis will bring more innovation to its products in the areas of backup, disaster recovery, security, and management. Automation and machine intelligence-based capabilities will be increased across the platform and products.
  • Focus on Partner Enablement: Acronis will prioritize quality and operational enablement for its partners.

These initiatives from Acronis demonstrate their commitment to delivering advanced, customizable solutions, improving performance and reliability, and providing comprehensive support for their MSP partners and customers in 2023.

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