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Acronis announces new products and product updates during the #CyberFit Summit 2022

Acronis products

While the Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2022 is going on at the Miami Beach, Acronis has announced new products and important updates that will offer customers the best cyber protection in the industry. 

Acronis Advanced Security + EDR 

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or customer concerned with how quickly you can detect and recover from a cybersecurity attack, Acronis has a new product that might be of interest to you. The Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution is designed for MSPs and includes features like simplified investigation with MITRE ATT&CK chain mapping, human-friendly interpretation, event correlation, and remediation capabilities. Plus, it’s affordable and integrates tightly with Acronis’ backup, security, and management solutions. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can join the Early Access Program (EAP) starting in December. 

Acronis Advanced Automation 

In order to be more competitive and profitable, Acronis MSP partners need to effectively bill their services, track service usage and delivery, invoice customers correctly for services used, and report on service usage. With native integration with other Acronis services, Acronis automates many of the tasks that are currently done manually such as back-office synchronization of contract data, technical staff tasks, and consumption-based billing. This boosts the efficiency of the daily business operations of MSPs.  

The new product offering coming in Q1 2023 provides comprehensive business automation capabilities natively within the Acronis platform. 

Acronis Advanced Management 

Businesses want to focus on what matters most – successfully running their businesses. With the recent Acronis Cyber Scripting feature release, the upcoming Remote Desktop update (December 21), and machine intelligence-based monitoring expected in Q1 2023, Acronis will be offering MSPs and customers a broader toolset to stay up and running, safe and secure. 

Acronis evolution

What more can MSPs, and customers expect in 2023? 

  • Acronis will continue investing and focusing on the platform, and its data center, compute storage, and network services.  It is speeding up the deployment of regional, and local points-of-presence to offer highly competitive performance, geo-redundancy, availability, and the ability for meeting compliance requirements. Acronis will ensure that the platform is not only fully extensible but also more accessible for customization and joint development projects. 
  • Acronis will be bringing more innovation into its backup, disaster recovery, security, and management products.  Acronis plans to increase automation and machine intelligence-based capabilities across the platform and products. This will help MSPs, and the customers benefit from effective and efficient solutions. 
  • Acronis will be focusing on quality and operational enablement for its partners.  Beyond the upcoming release of Advanced Automation, Acronis will also be enhancing the use of its portals, support, and in-product notifications. 

Image and source credits: Acronis 

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