5 Tech-Friendly Cities in Florida to Move to

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Technology makes the world go round. That said, you might want to consider relocating to a Florida city, especially if you happen to be a tech-head. The latter is so because most cities in Florida have embraced technology in every shape and form. Doing so will not only make your life easier but will also present more than enough employment opportunities for you. Below are five, most tech-savvy Florida cities that any tech-head can move to and thrive:

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is a city known for many good things among them, the steady increase in data centers for the past two decades. The latter has seen no less than a 72.4% increase in tech employment, which is nothing short of impressive. The latter has created employment in fields, including systems design, custom programming, and computer facilities.

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Despite lagging behind the national average with the tech and STEM jobs proportions, Jacksonville is well on its way to meeting the stipulated goals. And that’s why you might want to relocate to Jacksonville, mainly if you have specialized in any of the tech fields mentioned above.

Miami, FL

Miami is arguably the most popular city in Florida. From its beautiful beaches to its diverse population, any skilled tech-head can never go wrong moving to this vibrant city. For starters, Miami isn’t as congested as one may think because its population consists of around 93,000 people. As a tech specialist, you should expect to earn a salary of about $47,000 a year.

St. Petersburg, FL

If you’re looking to earn a decent salary without losing a chunk of it due to the high cost of living, then you should consider relocating to St. Petersburg. With a population of roughly 263,000, St. Petersburg is famous for its affordability. On top of that, the weather is incredible.

You’ll also get the chance to enjoy unique food from a plethora of nations courtesy of the city’s many restaurants. Finally, as a tech professional, you should expect to earn an average salary of about $48,000. But the latter may vary depending on some variables.

St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine is more than just a city. It’s a place where history seems frozen in time. The current population is at around 14,000. The average income for the working class in St. Augustine is at $46,000 a year, and that includes those in the field of technology. Some of the attractions in St. Augustine include the World Golf Hall of Fame as well as the beautiful beaches. Your kids will enjoy an affordable, A-rated school system.

Winter Springs, FL

Winter Spring is yet another remarkable city in Florida that you can choose to settle in as a skilled technician. The population at Winter Springs is around 34,000. The weather here is just as remarkable as the opportunities you’ll have as a tech professional. The cost of living is affordable, which will make your average salary of about $45,000 a year to be more than sufficient for you and your family. You’ll also discover that properties in Winter Springs have affordable prices, whether you’re buying or renting.


Apart from being technologically advanced, most of the cities in Florida are also known for their affordable living standards. Most of these cities are evenly populated, meaning you can live your life without pressure. It’s also very possible for you to earn a living from the one thing you love the most— technology. Lastly, feel free to do your research before making a final choice since personal preference is just as important as finding the job of your dreams in any of the cities mentioned above.

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