ZNet Technologies to offer Wasabi hot cloud storage solutions in India

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ZNet Technologies, India’s leading cloud distributor offering premier cloud infrastructure and managed services, is partnering with Wasabi Technologies, a leader in the cloud storage market known for its hot cloud storage solutions. As an official distributor, ZNet will now deliver scalable and cost-effective cloud storage solutions powered by Wasabi via its partner network in India.

Wasabi’s hot cloud storage is known for its cost efficiency and high-speed performance, making it an ideal solution for various storage needs. It offers fast write and read speeds with instant availability, meeting nearly all cloud storage requirements. The simplicity and economic scalability of Wasabi hot cloud storage make it highly accessible and easy to implement. Furthermore, Wasabi’s immutable storage buckets provide robust protection against data loss, ensuring data integrity and security.

Wasabi’s innovative, highly parallelized system architecture gives it a significant performance edge over other solutions in the market. Its reliability and affordability make it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including multi-cloud storage, allowing users to maintain a secondary copy of their S3 storage more cost-effectively compared to other S3 storage solutions. It also supports hybrid storage, safeguarding and extending on-premises storage investments seamlessly.

For big data and IoT, Wasabi enables the efficient movement of massive datasets in and out of storage at extremely high speeds. It meets stringent regulatory compliance requirements through comprehensive encryption and immutable data buckets.

It provides the capability to store extensive video libraries with unparalleled performance and economic benefits. Additionally, it facilitates video archiving, allowing any type of video to be archived for future search and playback with ease.

“We are excited to partner with Wasabi Technologies to bring their advanced cloud storage solutions to the Indian market,” said Munesh Jadoun, Founder and CEO of ZNet Technologies. “This partnership aligns with our mission to provide innovative and efficient cloud services to our clients. Wasabi’s hot cloud storage will enable businesses to manage their data more effectively and economically.”

Michael King, Vice President and General Manager – Asia Pacific and Japan, Wasabi added, “Partnering with ZNet Technologies allows us to extend our reach in India, offering our simple and secure cloud storage solutions to a wider audience. Together, we aim to transform the way businesses handle their data storage needs with Wasabi’s cost-effective and high-performance technology.”

The collaboration between ZNet Technologies and Wasabi Technologies represents a significant step forward in providing advanced, reliable, and economical cloud storage solutions to businesses across India.

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