Yottaa Launches Website Performance APIs

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Partners and Developers to Benefit from New APIs that Access Web Performance Data and Yottaa Accounts

DAILYHOSTNEWS – January 27, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc., the web performance company that helps businesses double their site speed in just a few clicks, announced on Wednesdaythe availability of three distinct APIs. The new APIs are designed to make it easy for Yottaa’s partners and the developer community at large to interact with Yottaa and to access and leverage detailed website performance metrics. Yottaa’s features include cloud-based services for on-demand site speed tests, performance monitoring and benchmarking, and next-generation website speed acceleration.

Yottaa collects hundreds of gigabytes of web performance information every day, and the Partner, User, and Public APIs offer unprecedented access to this data. The APIs can be leveraged in a number of ways to provide visibility and insight into website performance. Partners like Acquia and hosting providers that run cPanel are already using the Partner API to integrate Yottaa’s invaluable performance data with their dashboards and provide more value to their clients.

“Consumers and business users have ever-increasing expectations for site performance – whether they’re shopping, using a web application or just browsing a site. The developers of those sites are seeking web performance data to improve website page load time and accelerate overall performance,” said Coach Wei, CEO, Yottaa. “It comes down to dollars. If a visitor leaves your site due to slow load time, it’s a missed revenue opportunity. And if you’re a provider of services to website owners and operators, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to partner and integrate with Yottaa.”

Yottaa’s APIs:

Partner API
• Allows Yottaa partners to create, provision and manage Yottaa accounts on behalf of their own users.
• Enables integration of web performance data into 3rd party applications (e.g. a web host’s dashboard or cPanel implementation).
• Easy registration and setup.

User API
• Allows 3rd parties to manage individual user accounts and access their site data.
• Enables integration of web performance data into 3rd party web applications.
• Self-service API registration and setup from the Yottaa dashboard.

Public API
• Allows programmatic access to all public information in Yottaa’s system.
• Self-service API registration and setup from the Yottaa dashboard.

Supporting Yottaa’s commitment to an open approach to data and applications, the new APIs support JSON responses and are easy to use and clearly documented. They are REST-based and use standard authentication schemes appropriate to their use.

To learn more, please contact Yottaa at, or read the documentation:

• Partner API:
• User API:
• Public API:

About Yottaa
Yottaa, Inc., the Web Performance Company, delivers cloud services that improve website speed, visibility and resiliency. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer accelerates websites and increases their scalability, leading to increased user satisfaction, better SEO rankings and higher revenues. Yottaa Website Monitor offers visibility into the overall health of a website by harnessing a global network of real browsers to assess, monitor and benchmark site performance. Based in Boston, MA, Yottaa’s investors include General Catalyst Partners. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter at

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