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XO Communications Launches XO Enterprise Cloud, XO Cloud Drive and XO Cloud Vault

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XO Communications today announced launch of XO Enterprise Cloud, XO Cloud Drive, and XO Cloud Vault, its three new cloud service offerings that leverage Tier III data centers and the XO nationwide network to offer IT infrastructure-as-a-services ideal for SMBs and enterprises who want to to virtualize their data centers, back up enterprise-wide data to the cloud, and enable cloud-based file sharing and storage for employees.

Providing SLAs, integrated security, and high-performance data center and network, the new enterprise-class cloud solutions help IT professionals and the organizations run a wide range of applications, from test and development to mission-critical applications, in the cloud.

XO Enterprise Cloud

Designed to meet customer requirements for enterprise-grade cloud computing services delivered over a private and secure network environment, XO Enterprise Cloud gives customers the flexibility of multiple network connectivity options to access the Enterprise Cloud platform and multiple computing resource allocation options, such as Shared, Reserved and Dedicated, depending on what best supports their application needs.

Some specifications of XO Enterprise Cloud are as follows:

  • Performance – The XO Enterprise Cloud server and storage infrastructure is built using best-in-class products from HP, VMware Inc., and EMC Corporation and offers three tiers of high performance storage, including Solid State Drives.
  • Network Security – Networked Fortinet security appliances and subscription services provide broad, integrated and high-performance protection against dynamic security threats.
  • Availability – Redundant N+1 architectural design provides for 100% availability.
  • Compliance – The XO Enterprise Cloud platform is deployed in Tier III data centers located in Northern Virginia and Southern California with SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance.
  • Scalability – XO Enterprise Cloud provides a highly flexible platform that can support 1 Gbps dedicated bandwidth per virtual machine, as well as scale-up capabilities that can reach 32 vCPUs and 512 GB RAM per server.

XO Cloud Drive

XO Cloud Drive allows companies to give their employees the ability to store, share, synchronize and collaborate on business content and files in the cloud while giving IT organizations the ability to control and centralize how business content is shared.

With XO Cloud Drive, files can be drag-and-dropped, saved virtually for consistent version control and shared anywhere, anytime, across multiple platforms and among numerous users for seamless collaboration.

The cloud-based platform provides uniform access to files across the following platforms, including iOS, Android, Mobile Web, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Some salient features of XO Cloud Drive are:

  • Content aggregation from multiple sources
    • Microsoft Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets
    • Google apps, emails and documents
    • Bookmarks
    • RSS feeds
    • Social media
    • Images and embedded media
  • Dynamic file synchronization to keep important files and folders up-to-date across multiple devices.
  • Conflict-free, automatic synchronization to mitigate offline/online, as well as multi-user file editing.
  • Full-text indexed search of all content and team collaboration with permission-based file access.
  • File version history stored allowing customers to preserve and restore from all previous versions of business files.
  • List, view, rename, share, download and delete files.
  • Intuitive editor to create text and illustrative notes.
  • Easy-to-use web-based management interface.

XO Cloud Vault

XO Cloud Vault automates and simplifies backup services for businesses with multiple locations or complex, distributed IT environments. Customers can replicate data from the XO Enterprise Cloud platform as well as from premise-based servers and desktops.

An intelligent backup design provides compression, encryption and copy of only those documents, emails and databases that have changed since the most recent backup across the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and FreeBSD.

To restore, the virtual design allows users to point and click to refresh files to a single point in time, streamlining and automating disaster recovery/business continuity planning for businesses of all sizes.

Some salient specifications of XO Cloud Vault are as follows:

  • Flexible backup schedule including continuous, every few hours, by day and time, incremental and multiple full backups.
  • Powerful compression algorithms to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Support Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL SharePoint, etc.
  • Support Mapped Network Drives and external USB drives.
  • Block level incremental backups with options to configure multiple full backups.
  • User configured (up to 448 bit) encryption key guarantees data privacy and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Virtually unlimited versioning with advanced data retention policies.
  • Comprehensive reports & dashboards with email notification options.
  • Bandwidth throttling.
  • Automatic updates of agent and plugin software.

“IT organizations are continually pressured to support an increasing number of mission-critical applications with fewer resources, causing businesses to seek out virtual solutions as a way to effectively and efficiently expand core operations without spending unnecessary capital,” said Jake Heinz, Vice President of marketing, XO Communications.

“In response to this industry need, XO Communications has expanded our services for dedicated cloud resources. This deeper commitment to the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market puts XO Communications in the best position to serve mid- and large-sized businesses for their computing, data and network requirements,” he added.

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