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WP Engine vs Bluehost (2020): Web Create Publishes Comparison and Review of Top Web Hosting Companies

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Web hosting specialists at have made a comparison of WP Engine and Bluehost, two popular web hosting companies in 2020.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Can’t choose between WP Engine and Bluehost? The team of experts over at Web Create have shared a comparison and review of these two popular web hosting companies, providing a comprehensive side-by-side analysis to help those who are looking to launch their own website.

In their WP Engine vs Bluehost comparison, the Web Create team discussed different points of comparison including the features, speeds, reliability, and pricing plans of these two platforms, rounding off the comparison with a verdict section. In addition, the key statistics such as traffic tiers, storage tiers, and monthly bandwidth were summarized in a comparison chart.

According to Web Create, WP Engine is the best match for WordPress, making it the better choice if you’re planning to stick to the platform.

WP Engine focuses purely on WordPress, so it’s an easy skip if you’re planning to use a different CMS. However, that’s its strength, too, since that means they’re experts on the platform and they’ll optimize everything to get your WordPress-based website running smoothly.”

Bluehost, on the other hand, is recommended for those who are looking for flexibility and affordability.

Bluehost provides a more flexible hosting solution that can help new website owners to build their sites from the ground up. It’s perfect for individuals looking to put up a personal blog or a website for professional use. You can gradually move to higher tier plans as your traffic increases, which will become necessary as shared hosting has specific limits.”

The full WP Engine vs Bluehost comparison can be viewed on Web Create.

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