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With Uno, the Journey Towards a True Thinking Machine and Auto-Pilot in Cybersecurity Has Begun!

2 Mins read goes GA with industry’s first AI driven security platform

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, the pioneering autonomous security startup announced general availability of its “expert security analyst” platform for cybersecurity teams. Searches and investigations that took over 7 days are now possible with Uno in under 5 minutes! This is a major leap forward in enabling every security team to respond to attacks with speed, agility and confidence. Uno is far along on a mission to build an expert security analyst, a true thinking machine and expert system. With this general availability, security analysts and teams now have a chance to automate, act and instantly up their game in securing enterprises.

“Thanks to our incredibly talented team, we have gone from concept to GA in less than 18 months. Our scalable platform unlocks root cause analysis with story stitching and causal reasoning, far beyond what the generative AI conversational interfaces can accomplish. With this release our journey has begun towards making a sentient machine. While our copilot unlocks capabilities that allow a new analyst to work like an expert, it is the first step towards an auto-pilot driven secure future,” said Shashank Tiwari, Co-founder & CEO of

Early customers, CISOs and security experts have played a very important role in shaping the platform and providing pertinent feedback. Mel Reyes, a Global CIO & CISO at Getaround with two decades of industry expertise said: “Actively listening to customer feedback and iterating fast is in Uno’s DNA.” Anshu Gupta, CISO, who has security and compliance expertise with firms like Ernst & Young, KPMG, and successful SaaS companies added: “Autonomous security will only become possible when we codify the thought process of security professionals and experts. Uno has designed its platform to achieve this outcome from day one.”

“Uno’s use of AI in cybersecurity is very innovative and encouraging,” said Tom Kemp, a Silicon Valley investor and founder of Centrify, which grew to $100m ARR and was acquired by Thoma Bravo. One of Uno’s early investors, Mahendra Ramsinghani, Founder of Secure Octane Investments said: “The Uno team has built a true smart system in a record time yet being frugal with a seed round. The no-ego hustle grounded with a service DNA for the customer makes this team special in its own way. The journey of a thousand miles towards automating our secure future has just begun with this first step.”


Founded by seasoned Silicon Valley deep tech experts, Shashank Tiwari and Murugesan Guruswamy, Uno started its operations in the fall of 2021. has rapidly grown to become a leader in the autonomous security space. The Uno platform provides an expert security analyst that improves operating efficiency of cybersecurity teams; enabling them to defend effectively, get to the root cause in a timely manner, and improve overall security posture. Add it to your team to bridge the skill gap and achieve more with less, while saving on costs and reducing the noise and clutter created by the barrage of ineffective point solutions and tools. is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with a global office in Dubai, UAE.


Shashank Tiwari