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WindData Gears For a Wind Powered Data Center

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 5, 2011 – WindData,a company that plans to build a massive data center campus in Texas that will be wholly powered by renewable energy, is ready to start construction of the first of six data centers at its site in Pflugerville.

The plan is to build out a 600,000 sq ft data center campus at the site over the next decade. WindData’s parent company plans to develop a large amount of capacity to generate wind power and use that capacity as part of the power-purchase package it provides to its data center clients.

The company says it will enable the clients to capitalize on long-term power-purchase agreements that are available to users of renewable energy.

WindData’s owner is Baryonyx Corp., a developer of wind farms whose plan is to establish vertically integrated business structures with clean energy as their foundation. The company plans to build four wind farms in Texas: one on dry land and three “offshore” sites within waters off the state’s shore.

Baryonyx CEO Ian Hatton said the company chose the Pflugerville site for its US$210m data center campus because of its proximity to Austin, which has a growing business community, and its location within a deregulated energy market.

“We hope to finalize tax assistance agreements with both Williamson and Travis counties to be able to proceed with the final build,” he added.

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The company is leasing 67,000 sq ft of underwater property, or “submerged lands”, from the state. If fully developed, the three wind farms on this property could provide up to 3GW of power, according to Baryonyx.

This will be the first offshore wind energy project in the Gulf of Mexico, Baryonyx said.

The corporation applied for permits to construct the offshore farms and weather data on the dry-land project, called Dallam Ranch, is currently being collected.

Baryonyx’s objective is to start producing wind energy and have first data center revenue coming in by the end of 2012, according to its website.

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