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Why should you have a phone number for your online store?

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Online shopping has gained much popularity in the past decade. And why shouldn’t it be? 

When you have the privilege to shop best of brands right from your living at some added 

discount, then why you will take the pain to drive to the same brand’s showroom situated miles 

away. Though it seems quite convenient from the customers’ point-of-view, running a successful 

online store gives many sleepless nights to the owner.  


There are lots of factors that need to be addressed properly if an online store wants to thrive in. 

Easy check-out process, secure payment, and quality standard maintenance throughout the 

process are some of the things that demand unwavering attention. Out of all these, there is one 

more thing that needs your due diligence if you want to taste success while running an online 

store, and it is to have constant communication through office phone number.  


Why is having a powerful phone number important for your online store?  


Online business is different from an offline business in every aspect. It’s not the real brick and 

mortar world where your customers can check the product from a close distance and find out 

its likability as per their purchasing needs. They browse the products on your website and have 

a virtual feel of it. This virtual encounter with the product is not always so detailed to gratify. 

Customers may have some questions about product utility or quality that need an immediate 



In that case, making a phone call is what strikes their mind. Though email, SMS, and voicemail 

are other ways to connect with the businesses, a phone call has the earliest response time. That 

is why you need to have an internet phone number that can answer the calls in no time and 

help your customers to make an online purchase without any hesitation. 


Is any ordinary phone number good for the job?  


Well, certainly not. If you think that you can handle the surging call traffic with your traditional 

PSTN phone number, then let us tell you that you are making a big mistake. It will make things 

more miserable. It’s the era of cloud-telephony that makes business communication 

cost-effective, all-around, and hassle-free. By deploying your office phone number on the cloud, 

cloud telephony allows you to set-up a communication bridge anywhere and at any time.  




How Cloud Telephony makes things better than ever for your online store?  


Cost-effective calling  


While running an online store, you need to make numerous outbound and inbound calls to the 

vendors, sellers, distributors, and customers.  


With PSTN, handling such surging calling outflow will exert great pressure on you.  


Cloud telephony ditch the conventional copper-wire based voice signal transmission method, 

and rather use internet connection with the job. In this mode of communication, you use a 

virtual phone number with VoIP gateway that converts voice signals into data packets and 

transmits it over an internet connection. This reduces your call incurring burden up to a great 



Effective call traffic handling  


Won’t you like to see your online business grow? Of course, you do. But, handling a growing 

business with ample customers’ queries with the traditional PSTN phone system is not possible. 

If you are thinking of doing so, then be ready to deal with high call waiting time, high missed call 

rate, and dissatisfied customers. None of the situations is favorable for your growth.  

With cloud telephony, you need not worry about these and many more issues as your internet 

The phone number comes with great call handling capabilities. It has an in-build call forwarding and 

transferring facility that auto divert the call to the next few lines, and helps you reduce the call 

waiting time for the customer. Even if the customers have to wait for 5-10 minutes, with on-hold 

music, you can endow them with great call waiting experience.  

The auto call attending facility of your local phone number makes sure that no caller has to wait 

longer or put the phone down without having the queries resolved. 


Great customer service experience  


The key to any successful business lies in customer satisfaction. So, even if you are not dealing 

with your customers at a personal level while running an online store, you can’t afford to 

compromise on customer service. Cloud telephony has breakthrough assistance in this area as 

well, and Amazon’s auto outbound calling facility to the customers is the ideal example of it.  


Amazon, the online giant, is using the cloud-based local phone number for a different country. 

This facility allows the online store to place automatic calls to the customers over a single click 

using contact-based API. This sets the customers free from the burden of calling the service 

provider. This facility has helped Amazon to improve customer satisfaction and retain customers 

for once and all. So, if Amazon is getting benefitted with cloud-technology & touching the new 

sky, why should your online store stay behind.

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