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WHMCSExtras Releases WHMCS CRM Addon

Manage your incoming leads, accounts & potential in WHMCS without installing any CRM software.

[DAILYHOSTNEWS], April 20, 2012, WHMCSExtras (, the WHMCS Add-on provider, today announced the launch of WHMCS CRM Addon to automate the sales process. The company previously announced various WHMCS Addon that includes renewal & upsell add-on.

CRM Addon serves as replacement for CRM software & provides WHMCS users an add-on that helps them in managing the sales cycle through WHMCS. The add-on is available on a free 7 day trial that can help users in understanding the utility of the add-on. WHMCS CRM Addon comes with following features:

Lead Management – To capture leads from website or convert particular department’s tickets to lead or manually adding them by entering the relevant lead source, lead medium, lead status & various other fields. It also helps in analyzing the converted Leads from Non Converted Fields by filtering them. Also helps in searching lead by Lead Creation Date, Lead Followup Date or Lead Number.

Account – To create an account that can store all information about a prospect & to link that account with multiple potential related to that account. One can also get the details of all the accounts assigned to a particular account manager.

Potential Management – To add potential‘s complete information including its source, sales stage, probability of buying, amount, etc. One can convert Lead to Potential after analyzing the lead’s probability to buy your product service & can also change sales stage to give an informed view to sales manager about particular potential. It helps in searching potential details by Potential Creation date, Potential Expected Close Date, Potential Number & Potential Name. Also restrict potential conversion into sales by making it mandatory to add the paid invoice number w.r.t that closed potential. The entered invoice number is validated by checking its existence in WHMCS paid invoices. It didn’t let account manager enter the same invoice ID for closing multiple potential. The account manager can only close the potential by turning their status as closed won & assigning unique & paid invoice number to that potential. It also removes the sales conflict by assigning all the leads & potential of a particular email ID to a single account manager

Search Filtration : To help in searching by Email ID, Lead Number, Account Number or Potential Number to get complete details including lead details, account details & potential details.

Reports : To make customized reports by adding different fields related to lead, potential or account. The user can save various reports under different heads – Lead Reports, Account Reports or Potential Reports to analyze led conversion or potential conversion.

Sales Dashboard : To check the daily or monthly sales done by your account managers. The amount is calculated on the basis of converted potential & paid invoice ID assigned to converted potential. This gives a truly validated figure that helps in assessing account manager’s performance without doing any efforts.

Logs : To get complete details of the activities performed on CRM Addon to avoid wrong usage of the rights assigned to account manager or any role within the organization. The complete details include date & time, admin name, module name, change done & IP Address.

Settings : It gives its’ users an added feature over other CRM softwares by bifurcating create, edit, view or delete rights. One can select the lead related fields that one want to show in their lead addition form. It can also automatically or Manually convert tickets of particular departments into leads thereby saving time of adding leads.

Master Settings: To enter the customized fields for Lead Source, Lead Medium, Lead Status, Sales Stage, Lost Reason & Potential Lost Reason as per your company requirements.

Suggestion Box : To update WHMCSextras’ team with valuable suggestions in order to improve the addon.

The company has also released an account manager addon that is available for free. Account manager addon helps in assigning leads to account manager along with various account manager related roles. The company’s sister concern, ThemeChilly (, was recently in news for releasing WHMCS template along with WordPress theme designed exclusively for web hosters.

About WHMCSExtras
WHMCSExtras is a venture of ZNet Technologies Pvt Ltd – a 10 yrs+ old web hosting company. WHMCSExtras keep releasing WHMCS Addons to simplify or automate the work processes related to web hosting companies. Till date, the company has released CRM Addon, Account Manager Addon & Renewal Addon

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