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WHMCSExtras Releases Server Audit Add-on V2.0 and Renewal Extended Add-on

WHMCSExtras Releases Server Audit Add-on V2.0 and Renewal Extended Add-on

WHMCSExtras , the leading WHMCS Add-ons provider, announced on Monday  the release of a new WHMCS Renewal Extended Add-on  and an upgraded Server Audit Add-on  V2.0 .  In past, the company has released  CRM Add-on V3.0, which served as a replacement for CRM softwares.

“We are pleased to announce the release of Server Audit V2.0 and Renewal Extended Add-on,” said Munesh Jadoun, CEO, WHMCSExtras. “We started developing  these two Add-ons by working on the feedback received by WHMCS users and keeping in mind the requirements  of a web hosting company. That’s our primary and perhaps sole purpose;  to enhance businesses of  web hosting companies by streamlining their working process”

Server Audit Add-on  V2.0
According to the company, the purpose of Server Audit Add-on  V2.0 is to provide an unbiased server auditing  free of any human intervention (thereby making it error free) . This add-on can perform audits for cPanel, WebsitePanel & Plesk. The features are:

  • Real time audit: One can get  real time data of the active, suspended, and terminated accounts at WHMCS with respect to active & suspended accounts in Control Panel.
  • Search Filter:  An option to filter the results by WHMCS or Control Panel is there. One can also get the number of accounts at WHMCS & compare it with the accounts in Control Panel & vice versa.
  • Audit Mode:  Complete flexibility in terms of the accounts one wants to audit.  One can audit all accounts, or only verified accounts or non verified accounts. Verified accounts are the one having similar username, plan name & status at WHMCS & Control Panel.
  • Account type:  Similar to the verified/non-verified account audit mode, one can audit either shared or reseller hosting accounts created at a particular server.  Similarly audit can be made done separately for  different servers.
  • Automated Auditing:  There is no hassle of entering the server username & password again & again for performing the audit.  The details can be saved at the time of server set-up.
  • Access rights:  The extent of access to each admin role can be changed.
  • Export to CSV:   One can export Audit Report to CSV to compare and  analyze the accounts.
  • Error Free:   No human involvement makes it an error-free system.

Renewal  Extended Add-on
The purpose of this Add-on is to automate the renewal process & increase the renewal conversions.  Modus-operandi  is based on the concept of CRM i.e. lead generation, conversion to potential and so on. It is  driven by CRON that automatically creates leads for the upcoming renewals, associates them with the respective unpaid invoice and on the conversion converts that particular lead to potential with status as closed won. After this  the amount of the converted leads is added to the  respective account manager’s dashboard (sales dashboard). In addition to the aforementioned ones, the features of this Add-on are:

  • Renewal Lead Generation :  An automatic generation of leads for all upcoming renewals & assignment  to their respective account manager. In this manner, account managers can easily keep a track of the upcoming renewals. They can filter the automatically generated leads on the basis of multiple search criteria such as client name, ID, service due date, followup date, etc.
  • Invoice Linking  : With the help of cron, all the leads get mapped with the corresponding invoice generated by the system.
  • Automate Lead to Potential Conversion : The cron runs on a daily basis & checks the status of all the invoices linked with the generated leads. It automatically converts the lead to potential for which it finds the corresponding invoice as paid. It changes the potential status as closed won & add the linked invoice amount to the particular account manager dashboard which in turn is reflected in sales dashboard.
  • Sales Dashboard  : One can keep track of the sales(renewal) done by each account manager in a particular month. The sales figures are calculated on the basis of paid invoice assigned to the closed potential of a particular account manager. Export the sales report to analyze account manager’s performance.
  • Product Sales Dashboard : An option to see the best performing product by checking the renewal income earned under a product group. One can also deduct the key results such as best & least performing product group by analyzing the renewal income generated by a particular product group.
  • Personalization:  One can create email templates & send personalized follow up mails to a lead or potential in a single click.
  • Service Category : One can analyse which product group is giving maximum returns by making multiple service categories & assigning similar service groups to a particular category. Also, multiple feedback categories can be created to easily take feedback from clients by just choosing the corresponding feedback category in a single click.
  • Manage Followups  : One can easily add follow up for a lead or potential with a single click.
  • Control Access : One can easily customize  permissions or access rights for each role to view, edit or delete either a lead, potential, account & other related functions.
  • Logs: Complete details of the activities performed on Renewal Extended Addon to avoid wrong usage of the rights assigned to account manager or any role within an organization  can be obtained. The complete details include date & time, admin name, module name, change done & IP Address.

A 7 Day free trial of both the Add-ons is available for those who want to see the working of first hand before purchasing. The Add-ons are available for $49 on an yearly basis and  $79 on a lifetime basis.  One can order/ see more details at and

About WHMCSExtras
WHMCSExtras develops useful, affordable and feature rich WHMCS Addon modules that are needed to enhance the working of a web hosting company. It also offers custom WHMCS addons development services.  For more information visit

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