WHMCSExtras Launches WHMCS CRM Addon v3.0

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WHMCSExtras launches WHMCS CRM Addon v3.0 with improved dashboard, lead accessibility permissions, custom email templates & many other features.

WHMCSExtras (, the leading WHMCS add-ons provider, announced on Thursday the release of the new version of WHMCS CRM Addon. The company has released Version 3.0 by working on the feedback received by its users.

WHMCS CRM Addon enable WHMCS users’ manage their leads in WHMCS without installing any CRM software. The addon is capable of handling all functions related from lead generation to potential conversion. It automates various manual process such as lead capturing, quotation creation, etc. The addon effectively measures the revenue generated by each account manager by connecting their converted potential with respective WHMCS paid invoices.

As per company update release notes, WHMCS CRM Addon V 3.0 have following new features:

  • Account Manager of existing client can be changed to any other Account Manager.
  • The changed Account Managers will be automatically updated in all existing lead/potential of that client.
  • Account Manager can also see all the leads/potentials of other account managers if they are provided the access from the settings section.
  • Dashboard now only shows lead, potential, income graph & top 5 potentials.
  • Dashboard graphs now also show quarterly figures.
  • Amount column now has currency symbol.
  • Option given to set ticket status while converting tickets into leads.
  • Custom email templates can be created
  • Mass mailing can be done to Leads/Potentials
  • An automated email can be sent to the client on submission of contact form.
  • An automated email can be set for account managers in order to inform them for new leads or potential assigned to them
  • Quotation can be created for lead/potential with a single click
  • A new client can be created in WHMCS from Lead/Potential without manually entering all information again in the client registration form
  • Custom fields can be created for lead/account/potential.

“We are pleased to announce a new version of WHMCS CRM Addon”, said Munesh Jadoun, CEO, WHMCSExtras. “The new version reflects many months of work on our part to make WHMCS CRM Addon more useful for WHMCS users. We have deprecated all our previously developed WHMCS Addons to provide WHMCS users with better versions.”

The existing users can update the version by downloading the updated version from their client area.

About WHMCSExtras
WHMCSExtras is the leading WHMCS Addons provider. It provides useful WHMCS addons to enhance the functioning of WHMCS. It also offers custom WHMCS addons development services.

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