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WHMCS And cPanel Encounters Network Issues

WHMCS, the web hosting billing system, experienced network issues with its website and ticket system on Wednesday afternoon, according to a post on the company’s Facebook page. cPanel, the hosting control panel, also faced the similar network issues on September 12, just after 12 PM CDT.  According to cPanel post, they experienced an attack on their network that made reaching their websites, and other various services impossible for several hours.

WHMCS faced similar issues four months ago when it was hit by DDOS attack.

“We are currently experiencing an outage due to a DDOS attack which is ongoing at this time. Our network admins are in the process of mitigating it,” a post on the thread by Matt Pugh, WHMCS CEO said Wednesday evening. “The licensing system used in WHMCS will mean this outage has no impact on WHMCS installations providing a valid local key is present.”

“We operate a local license key system in WHMCS specifically to ensure WHMCS installations are not reliant on us being online,” a comment on WHMCS Facebook by the company said. “So if you did experience downtime during the outage please contact our support team for your license setup to be checked.”

Recently WHMCS and cPanel have partnered to enable the web hosting companies to deliver fast & responsive customer service by combining both tools functionalities & thereby lowering the administrative workload within a web hosting company. But the issues that are continually faced by both companies have raised many questions about this technology integration.

The partnership has created “additional strain on the WHMCS support system currently in place,” according to a blog post by Pugh on Thursday last week.

“Due to these circumstances, cPanel and WHMCS have agreed to bring in additional temporary resources from over at cPanel to help alleviate some of this additional load that we feel this new partnership has helped to exacerbate, Right now, we’re working to bring in some of cPanel’s expert technical analysts from various other teams to help. This will require some time in getting them up to speed and to be able to provide assistance and resolution to these issues in a more timely manner, inline with cPanel’s high standards,” Pugh says.


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